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Hahn beer’s bitchin’ 80s mini-epic

Imagine a room of ad people making a list of everything that defines the 1980s macho lifestyle: Bodybuilding, big hair, kung-fu movies, the DeLorean, helicopters, drums, cassettes, athletic trophies. Now imagine them cramming all of that into a 60-second spot set to the Knight Rider theme song. Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY:

This spot, called “Super In, Super Out,” is for Hahn Super Dry, an Australian beer with the cheeky slogan “Pioneering Beering.” I’m just guessing here, but Hahn must have a higher testosterone level than any other beverage.

The ad finishes with the on-screen tagline “Super goes in, Super Dry taste comes out.” Who knows if that means something more than nonsense in Australia, but the ad feels so secure in being inane that it doesn’t matter. I like how the 80s symbols don’t necessarily represent any specific TV shows or movies, just a general feeling of cheesy low-def reruns. You really want to play it back frame-by-frame and see if you can spot David Hasselhoff hiding somewhere.

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube.

Who created this ad?

Publicis Mojo Sydney, with Executive Creative Director Micah Walker, Writer Justine Armour and Art Director Ruth Bellotti. Full list of credits at AgencySpy.

This is Publicis Mojo’s first ad for Hahn.

The spot was directed by Tom Kuntz, who also directed Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”

Who signed off on it?

Ralph Simpson, brand director premium at Lion Nathan, maker of Hahn beer.

More info here at B&T.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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