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“Got you covered”

A slangy slogan can make a stodgy company seem hip and cool, right? Unless it goes totally off the rails! Witness: “MetroPlus got you covered.”

These ads for a pre-paid health insurance plan are real. They’ve been rolling around under the streets of Manhattan on the New York City subway for a couple of months.

MetroPlus Got You Covered

MetroPlus Got You Covered Transit Ad

MetroPlus Got You Covered

It seems incredible that this slogan ever made it into the wild.

“Got you covered” sounds informal and casual in the first person (I got you covered/We got you covered) but third person? It got you covered? He got you covered? Nobody talks like that. The writer took a common phrase that’s supposed to be grammatically incorrect and somehow managed to make it even more wrong.

I don’t know anything about MetroPlus, but I know enough to avoid lawyers, doctors, and psychics who advertise on the subway. Maybe the rule applies to health care companies, too.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Language


  1. Joe Schmidt says:

    It’s the Medicaid managed care provider owned by the city’s public hospital network.

  2. abc says:

    I agree 100%. Whatever it is, it’s perpetuating poor, incorrect English—in print. That ad bothers me every time I see it! People (school child, ESL adult, whoever) will read that and mimic it. And hence, no one knows how to speak properly.

  3. That is awful! Bad English is never going to make for good marketing.

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