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New Honda ad mocks old Honda ad

Actor Patrick Warburton stars as a self-assured corporate spokesperson in a new series of Honda ads called “Good Reasons.” The first thing that came to mind when I saw this campaign was that I was being sold a car by Brock Samson from “The Venture Bros” or Joe Swanson from “Family Guy.”

Those characters are voiced by Warburton. He starred on “Seinfeld” and “Rules of Engagement,” and he’s a prolific voice guy. You’ll be impressed by his IMDB page.

Take a look at this first spot, in which Warburton’s new spokesperson character lays waste to Honda’s last ad character, the ever-annoying “Mr. Opportunity.”

Both “Mr. Opporunity” and the “Good Reasons” campaign are by the ad agency RPA. You can see more examples of the campaign here. There’s also a well done interactive component.

See if you recognize the voice in these clips:

Who created this campaign?

Agency: RPA
EVP, ECD: Joe Baratelli
SVP, GCD: Jason Sperling
Senior Art Director: Hobart Birmingham
Art Directors: Cheston Kwan, Brian Farkas
Copywriters: Perrin Anderson, Tylynne McCauley
Jr. Copywriter: Josh Hill
SVP, Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Senior Producer: Isadora Chesler
Assistant Producer: Faye Armstrong
Full list of credits available here.

Who signed off on it?

Jenny Howell, manager-Honda regional marketing (per AdAge)

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  1. stacy smith says:

    Cool. But I still remember he sold cars as “Puddy” (sp?) on “Seinfeld.” Ya gotta love his delivery …

  2. Hiroku says:

    This guy is horrible as a spokesman!
    What a sucky commercial.

  3. MrBrown9000 says:

    I think this ad campaign is their best in recent memory.

  4. C Williams says:

    I think this is a horrible commercial. Patrick is NOT a salesman and the comment about sex is uncalled for. This commercial aired during the time kids are up and they don’t need ‘sex’ to sell them a car. I had a honda accord in the late 90’s and have had an Acura TL/RL every 36 months since, but maybe I should look elsewhere.

    • DFresca says:

      CWILLIAMS– you are an idiot. Really? Sex comment? How many companies use sex to sell vehicles? Commercial aired while kids were up, how old are your kids? Are you monitoring what they are watching-what a stupid comment.

  5. alfer says:

    The Seinfeld guy is even worse. ANNOYING !!! Pull the ad, PLEASE!

  6. MrJaye says:

    The cartoon guy was bad enough, this self righteous bozo is over the top.

  7. Nashville USA says:

    My family hits the MUTE button every time this commercial comes on. That guy’s pretentious nagging voice is SO ANNOYING and depressing! The male equivalent of “Debbie Downer”. We swear we’ll never buy a Honda soley based on this stupid commercial… we drive Nissan/Infiniti anyway. 🙂

  8. njgirl says:

    Way too much self-tanner on him. His face color doesn’t match his hand color. Really? Who checks these ads before they air them?

  9. Juuka says:

    Because of these commercials I will NEVER buy another Honda. Disgusting!!

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