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Hurricane words that sell!

There’s a hurricane barreling down on Copywriter City. Here are a few insensitive suggestions for how you can use catastrophic weather to move products. We’re blowing the doors off!

Hmm, what else can we sell with hurricane words, phrases and imagery? Let’s brainstorm!

“Hurricane Party” – A swell way to sell booze. As Wikipedia tells us: “In an adult environment, alcohol will most likely be present, as is customary in some locations to drink according to the intensity of the hurricane.” Thanks Wikipedia! Who wants another Dark ‘N’ Stormy?

“Storm Surge” – Do I hear the next Mountain Dew flavor?

“Cone of Uncertainty” – There’s a joke here somewhere. Think of Get Smart’s “cone of silence,” or Up’s “cone of shame.” Rich humor potential. After all, don’t we all live our lives in a quiet cone of uncertainty?

“Go Bag” – Everybody needs a Go Bag filled with heavy, single-purpose items bought at Walmart. Hand-crank flashlight? Check! Mess kit? Check! Pop Tarts? Check! Don’t forget your gun!

“Tropical Depression” – Seems like this phrase could have applications in pharma. Ask your doctor about Abilify?

“State of Emergency” – Hard to believe nobody has used this yet as a title for a blockbuster action movie.

“The Perfect Storm” – Played out. This phrase is not to be used for any reason, ever.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Language, Words

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