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There’s inspiration everywhere

In the city, there are so many creative uses of writing that I often find myself stopping to take photos of signs, posters and ads.

It’s nice to have all this inspiration—not to swipe, but to remind myself that there are other ways to use language than the ones I find easy and comfortable. Here are a few signs and ads I’ve seen over the last few months that I’ve photographed and saved, without really having a use for, just because they’re fun.

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Maqsood Breakfast Place Thanks God Every Day Is Friday

Profile Update The All New Beetle

Mikey's Hook Up - Helpin' Hook Up Laptops to TVs Since The Friendster Days

Good Day New York We're All Over YouTube

Littering Is Filthy And Selfish So Don't Do It New York City Sign

We Are Probably The Lowest Priced in the City

The Person Distributing This Flyer Is Not a Fool Working For Free

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Copywriting, Signage

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