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Smile at Jell-O’s “Pudding Face” ads

Jell-O pudding has a new ad campaign, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and it’s delicious. The recipe: Take a simple idea and a strong visual and put it in everything. To kick it off, there are two TV spots.

There’s one called “Dad“:

And one called “Prinicpal“:

Both conclude with the line, “Get your pudding face on, with oh-so cool and irresistible Jell-O Pudding.”

Next comes an interactive component: There’s the expected Facebook and Twitter support. But there’s also this. The Jello Pudding Face Mood Meter.

The graphic on that website is monitoring the world’s global mood (!) based on Twitter sentiment. The meter works like this (per The Denver Egotist): CP+B determined that Twitter users worldwide, on average, tweet 1200 smiles and 800 frowns a minute. The Mood Meter pings Twitter every seven seconds, counting the :)s and :(s and adjusting the face to reflect whether the level of smiles or frowns is above or below the mean. When the “mood” gets too down, Jell-O’s Twitter feed gives away free pudding to frowning Twitter users.

It’s official: Every possible use of the Twitter data stream has been explored and exhausted.

What’s more, there’s an OOH version of the Mood Meter, in the form of a billboard with a giant face that can smile and frown. See it in action:

Also, about the face on that billboard? It’s copywriter Ian Hart, formerly of CP+B Boulder and now at BBH New York. AgencySpy has a video of Ian reacting to seeing his face on the billboard for the first time.

AND there’s a transit campaign, which I spotted in the subway (apologies for the blurry photo). It looks like it something from Awkward Family Photos. Great art:

Say Pudding Face

There’s also an in-store component.

This is a great example of how one strong, simple concept can scale and cover multiple platforms. Once you nail the idea—people with goofy smiles!—you can apply it to just about any medium. It’s not as easy as it looks. CP+B seems to have the discipline and vision to execute a concept this consistently. That’s rare.

Will it sell pudding? I think so. The only thing I find slightly unsettling is that the smiling faces remind me of a certain Batman villain… What would happen if…?

Get Your Pudding Face On

Wow, that’s creepy.

Who created this campaign?

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Rob Reilly
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Benjamin
Group Creative Director: Bill Wright
Group Creative Director: James Dawson-Hollis
Associate Creative Director: Ken Slater
Associate Creative Director: Jose Funegra
Associate Creative Director: Roberto Baibich
Interactive Group Creative Director: Matt O’Rourke
Copywriter: Brittany Poole
More credits via Creativity.

Who signed off on it?

Probably Chris Miles, director-advertising for Kraft’s grocery unit, and Cindy Chen, Kraft’s director-marketing for Jell-O, per Ad Age.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Copywriting, Social Media, Television


  1. Margaret Flanagan says:

    I love Jello Pudding, hate the smiley face add!!! It’s for idiots.

  2. merle says:

    I’m sorry but the “pudding face” ads give me the creeps. I was reminded of the Joker smile in the Nicholson Batman. It didn’t make me want to buy pudding.

  3. Me says:

    They remind me of the Black Hole Sun video – totally turns me off. Creepy!

  4. steve says:

    are you kidding–this is some funny stuff !! in todays’ world you need something to make you laugh! i work with customer service in a way and we all need to have our pudding smiles on!

  5. samuel says:

    i am the kid thats in the family portrait i am the small one

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