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The angriest silent man you’ve ever seen

Here’s an incredible moment in Congress. Watch Rep. Joe Crowley completely eviscerate the Republican Party without saying a word:

Notice how Rep. Crowley’s words seem to carry more weight because they’re printed in block letters on a easel pad. You want to argue with this guy? Well did you bring an easel pad? No? Then you can’t engage on his platform, and he just won. (It certainly helps that Crowley looks like an angry dad.)

Crowley, a New York Democrat who represents parts of Queens and the Bronx, delivered this speech on the House floor April 14, a few days after the nonsense that almost led to a government shutdown. Here is the text of the pages he displayed:

Last fall the American people
Gave us our marching orders
Jobs jobs jobs
100 days of GOP rule =
0 jobs bills
So, if not jobs…
What has the GOP been up to?
GOP’s priority #1:
Cut more than 700,000 American jobs
GOP’s priority #2:
Take away healthcare for the people…
but keep it for themselves
Surely, a jobs bill must be priority #3…
GOP’s priority #3:
Manipulate tax code to pursue ideological agenda…
at the expense of women & small businesses
Really, GOP? Really?
100 days in and the GOP still doesn’t get it
I’m surprised stunned shocked

Crowley is one of a number of politicians (like his fellow New Yorker Anthony Weiner) who have discovered they can amplify their messages if they make a speech with some novelty to it, so it works online as a viral video. Most of Rep. Crowley’s other speeches on YouTube have just a few hundred views, but his “Speechless” speech has been played 47,000 times in just 2 days.

The presentation is effective and creative, if not completely original. Quite a few people have noticed the similarities between Rep. Crowley’s “Speechless” speech and Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” film.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Politics

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