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“Try and keep up”

This new TV commercial for Kayak.com is a fine piece of copywriting. The ad contains a quick summary of the site’s benefits, as well a dark and funny joke about corporate management. The ad starts slow in an office, but then switches scenes to a hallway and gets increasingly weirder and quicker, on its way to a dry, satisfying ending. Take a look:

(Direct link to the ad on YouTube.)

Here’s the script:

Female executive: You search a dozen travel sites for hours, then you go to where you think the best price is.
Male executive: That’s right.
Female executive: Why don’t you use Kayak.com? Kayak compares hundreds of travel sites in seconds.
Male executive: Because I’m a moron. That’s how you get to the top.
Female executive: What?
Male executive: Mr. Carroll, are you a bright man?
Mr. Carroll: No I’m not!
Male executive: Try and keep up.

If you’ve ever worked in a place (or known anyone who’s worked in a place) where the junior-level staff understand the Internet, and the leadership have no clue, you’ve probably fantasized about a conversation just like that.

Also, I might be over-thinking it, but it sounds like the actor delivering the line “Try and keep up” is doing an imitation of George W. Bush. Funny stuff.

Who created this ad?

Agency: Barton F. Graf 9000 New York
Creative Director/Copywriter/Art Director: Gerry Graf
(More credits at Creativity.)

Who signed off on it?

Probably Robert Birge, Chief Marketing Officer for Kayak

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Technology


  1. Sturm says:

    This commercial captures corporate America beautifully. Explains why we are no longer the world production leader any longer. Thanks for thinking outside the box, it does stand out from the cookie cutter commercials out there.

  2. gradientsky says:

    because the “moron” moves ahead and moves all other considerations aside, include those good ideas that seem irrelevant to him!

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