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This year’s shrillest Black Friday ad

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, when the media becomes saturated with ads for retail stores offering Black Friday sales. Most of these ads are pretty bad, and inevitably include the made-up word “doorbusters.”

This year the hype is cranked up louder than usual, with stores like Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, The Gap, Khols and Walmart opening at midnight or earlier the night between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It’s certainly the stores’ prerogative to open whenever they want and to offer flash sales to build customer excitement. They can even invite people to bust doors, I suppose.

But the annual spectacle of people clawing for cheap TV sets is one of the darkest scenes created by the marketing industry. Stores shouldn’t have to hire security to keep customers from fighting. And it’s tragic, especially during a season of giving, to see ordinary Americans provoked into becoming to bloodthirsty rivals battling for trinkets.

Okay, end of sermon. The real point of this post is to share what may be the most annoying Black Friday ad of all time, a Khol’s commercial set to the tune of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” (Black… Friday. Get it?)

Watch around second 0:14 as the shopper steals a product from another customer’s cart!

The commercial acknowledges that the song is bad (“Can’t get this darn song out of my head”)* but that hardly excuses it.

The thing is, somewhere in America early Friday (or late Thursday) a customer will probably get seriously hurt or killed in a crush to buy some piece of cheap plastic junk. It happens to somebody almost every year. I hope it isn’t you. Do your shopping later, or do it online. It’s not worth it.

Khols ad spotted via Adrants.

* Correction: Definitely “darn,” not “dumb.” Thanks Seth!

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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