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Mini newspaper box is too cute

Can tiny things get attention? The Metro newspaper chain in Canada recently deployed a collection of wee newspaper boxes on city streets. News for gnomes? Nope, a clever promotion of the newspaper’s mobile edition. Inside the itsy bitsy boxes are QR codes so mobile users can download the newspaper.

Tiny newspaper box QR code

Small Newspaper Box Advertising

Small newspaper box Canada

Metro Newspaper Box Promotion

QR codes are usually a sign of unimaginative advertising. (See WTF QR Codes for countless examples.) This campaign is the exception. Here, using a QR code for marketing actually makes sense: It’s for delivering a news product to smartphone users. (I assume readers only need to scan it once, as opposed to visiting the mini news box every day.) Rarely before has thinking small–and inside the box!–produced an idea this good.

Who created this promotion?

Rethink Canada

Who signed off on it?

Metro Canada

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, News & Journalism

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  1. Bill Tkach says:

    great article. i am mainly interested in the news paper boxes used by metro. specifically which company designs the boxes and who manufactures them? if you don’t know off hand could you please point me in the right direction to get that info?

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