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New Home Depot logo in the works? (Updated)

Update: The new Home Depot logo is an April Fools’ joke. See below.

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A stealth picture circulating online this week seems to show a new logo for The Home Depot. The quality of the image is poor—and the logo seen could be fake or part of a test—but it certainly looks plausible. The retailer would benefit from a refresh. Here’s the spy photo:

New Home Depot Logo

Not a bad logo, right? It’s cleaner, simpler, and stronger, but still familiar. One thing to notice is that the definite article is missing from the name. No longer “The Home Depot,” this logo says “Home Depot.” That would be a positive change, since this is what most people call it anyway.

This image was posted March 22 on TwitPic by Twitter user @Grokstar, who wrote, “Whoa – encountered this last night at self-service checkout. Could this be a peek at new branding for #HomeDepot??”

As the Unbeige blog points out, @Grokstar works in branding—his profile identifies him as Gavin Becker, the Executive Director, Digital Innovation & Strategy at Ogilvy & Mather. Unbeige asks, “Should we also be wondering if this is some sort of viral-y experiment?”

Meanwhile, the BP&O blog has rendered the possible new Home Depot logo in a crisp, clean square, as it might actually appear.

For reference, here’s the existing Home Depot logo:

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Update, April 1, 2011: It’s an April Fools’ joke. The culprit? The Brand New blog, which is displaying a full new graphic identity for Home Depot, including various executions of the logo and a spoof web site.

How we know its fake: The Brand New blog has run April Fools’ logo jokes before, including fake branding for Verizon in 2009 and Dunkin Donuts in 2010. Also, the URL displaying the redesign is www.myhomedepot.us, while the real Home Depot site (www.homedepot.com) still shows the old badge. A quick check of Google and Yahoo reveals no press release from Home Depot announcing a new logo.

In addition, Home Depot’s Twitter feed says it’s not their logo.

Well done. At least two three other sites have fallen for the prank: AgencySpy, BNET and Unbeige (in a follow-up post April 4).

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