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NBC Universal’s new logo is too cool to hit the space bar

Copywithoutspacesishardtoread. That fact didn’t register with the people who just rebranded NBC Universal. Correction, NBCUniversal.

Here are the old and new versions of the logo:

NBC Universal Logos

On the Internet, where amateur logo criticism has become a popular bloodsport, nobody likes the new logo. Even BrandChannel (note the missing space!) hates it, asking if it’s theĀ Gap logo of 2011.

The old NBCU logo was a tortured attempt to combine two classic media logos. The new logo is no improvement. It looks like it’s set in one of those weird fonts that came pre-installed on your computer. There’s also the new color story, which proclaims: “Screw fashion, we’re going to wear purple!”

Suppose we look past the bargain-bin logo and focus on the name change (as reported by TVNewser) from NBC Universal to NBCUniversal. That’s a step backwards as far as a copywriter is concerned. Spaces make words easier to read.

NBCUniversal joins GlaxoSmithKlein and PricewaterhouseCoopers in the no-space hall of shame. Help me out: What are some others?

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Update, 3/7/11: The new NBCUniversal logo was designed by Farm of San Diego, which also handled the new Gannett logo.

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