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Here’s the new Red Lobster logo

New Red Lobster Sign

Red Lobster, that ever-reliable source of hot, chewy seafood, has begun rolling out a new logo it announced late last year. It’s a fairly modest change. Naturally, there’s still a red lobster in the logo.

Here’s the old logo:

Old Red Lobster Logo

And here’s the new one:

New Red Lobster Logo

It doesn’t really rock the boat much, does it? The lobster loses the eye and becomes a little more art-deco, and the drop cap typesetting looks more formal and contemporary.

There’s also a new slogan: “Sea food better,” which was cooked up by Red Lobster’s ad agency, Grey New York.

The logo and a remodeling should come to all Red Lobster restaurants by 2014. There’s more about the brand refresh in The New York Times and in this Red Lobster press release.

Who signed off on this logo?

Probably Red Lobster President Kim Lopdrup and Salli Setta, executive vice president for marketing. Red Lobster is part of Orland-based Darden Restaurants.

Images via Red Lobster.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Logos

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