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New word roundup

Here are a few words that have emerged recently and seem to be sticking around.

Ben and Jerrys Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream Carton

Aheadia – Short, casual version of “Ahead of you.” Spotted on the Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream carton.

Amirite – Internet slang for “Am I right?” Been around since at least 2007, but usage rose in 2010. Usually used ironically. Especially: “Mondays, amirite?”

Bromance – Bro + romance. A friendship between two men. Frequent crutch of New York Magazine headline writers: “Jamie Dimon and Barack Obama‚Äôs Bromance Continues to Fade,” “Sean Avery and Andy Cohen: True Bromance?,” “Inside the Boehner/McConnell Bromance,” etc.

Carmageddon – Traffic jam, specifically the one resulting from the I-405 construction near Los Angeles.

M-Commerce – Mobile commerce. Purchases made with a smartphone or other mobile device. Derived from e-commerce. Also spelled mCommerce.

Planking – A fad whereby people photograph themselves and their friends resting face down, plank-like, in unlikely places, then share the photos online. The word, if not the game itself, seems to have been coined in 2008 by Sam Weckert of Australia, whose Facebook page on Planking has received widespread international media attention this year.

Reblog – To take something from a blog and repost it on your blog. Coined by Tumblr, which lets users reblog a post with a button.

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  1. Michael T. says:

    And don’t forget Owling. Cuz planking is dead.

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