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New York Times Magazine readers hate a lot of words!

This week the editors of The New York Times Magazine posted a list of 489 words and phrases that readers have complained about. See the full list here. These were in response to a document they posted called “Words We Don’t Say,” a list of magazine writing clich├ęs compiled by Kurt Andersen when he was editor of New York magazine. Times readers are picky, and some of their irritations are misplaced. (Who really has a problem with the word “genius”?) But it’s a good list to look over anyway, just to see how different readers feel about language. Everyone’s an editor!


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  1. Jim Wright says:

    Truth to tell, a great many of these words are also on my “do not use” list. I’ve complained for years about using impact as a verb. When I hear ‘on the ground’ or ‘at the end of the day’ tossed around like ashes by every reporter I hear I want to reach through the screen and shake them silly!

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