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When cuss words first appeared in The New Yorker

Eustace Tilley New Yorker image Revealed: The first writer to get “shit” published in The New Yorker.

On the blog The Awl, Elon Green has combed through the New Yorker archives and found the first instance of each common profanity to appear in the famously prim magazine. His tally includes some delightfully out-of-context sentences, such this one from an Ian Frazier story in 1994: “It sounded like a chorus of high-pitched voices shouting the word ‘motherfucker’ through a blender.”

As for the S-word? That barrier fell in 1976 in an agonizing, 607-word sentence by Gabriel García Márquez.

Read the full list here: The Dirty Talk Of The Town: Profanity At “The New Yorker”


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