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The “Occupied Wall Street Journal”

The Occupy Wall Street protest group recently published the first edition of its newspaper, a four-page broadsheet called The Occupied Wall Street Journal. Didn’t manage to snag your own copy? No problem. Here’s a PDF file where you can take a look at it.

Update, 10/25/11: There’s now an official website where you can read The Occupied Wall Street Journal: occupiedmedia.org.

Update, 10/21/11: The Occupied Wall Street Journal issue 3 is now out.

Update, 10/9/11: The Occupied Wall Street Journal issue 2 is now out. You can still read issue 1 here on this page.

Update, 10/7/11: Previously I had posted a low-quality PDF made from photographing the paper. There’s now a cleaner, easier-to-read version available, so I updated this post to feature that document instead. You can see it below or download it from Scribd.

Another update: Just to be clear, I didn’t create this newspaper or have any involvement in the project.

Caveat: This is not a production-quality file. I made it by photographing a copy of the paper I picked up myself on October 1 (the day the paper came out). I wanted to share it with people, and was disappointed I couldn’t find it online. I realize some of the seams don’t line up, but everything in the paper should be legible enough to read.

My interest in this protest is simple. I live and work in Lower Manhattan, and I feel like it’s important to follow community events in my own neighborhood. Every day, I walk past the protest encampment at Zuccotti Park (a private park which locals and protestors generally call by its old name, Liberty Plaza). The demonstrators first appeared Saturday, September 17, and are still there as of this writing. Sometimes I take photos or videos of what I see and share them online. I am not part of the protest, but I think this is a legitimate group that deserves to be heard. I also keep wondering how it will end.

* * * *

The Occupied Wall Street Journal newspaper was funded by donations collected through Kickstarter. Since this is a writing blog, we have to ask if this paper is any good. My answer is yes. It looks professional enough to pass for a real community newspaper, which of course it is. I gave it a quick read and didn’t see any serious typos.

The quality of the content isn’t uniformly excellent, but some of the articles are well argued and enjoyable to read. The best written piece is under the front-page headline: “The Revolution Begins at Home.” It’s signed by Arun Gupta. There’s also an excellent introduction to the protest by Nathan Schneider called “Occupation for Dummies,” a version of which was originally published by The Nation. If you wonder what the protest is all about, these two stories will explain it to you in clear, persuasive language.

The passages in the newspaper that make the least sense to me are several comparisons to the Arab Spring protests. Some of those protests ended with the overthrow of governments. (If you need a primer on Arab Spring, the best source I’ve seen is this interactive timeline from The Guardian.) I don’t get a sense that Occupy Wall Street is about overthrowing the American government at all. And if it is, the General Assembly leadership needs to say so, so everybody’s clear what they’re signing up for when they unroll their sleeping bags.

* * * *

Also: The New York Times says the two main organizers of the Occupied Wall Street Journal newspaper are Arun Gupta and Jed Brandt, who also work on The Indypendent.

* * * *

Another update: Here’s a photo I shot of someone handing out copies of this newspaper on October 5 in Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza.

* * * *

Read more: The Occupied Wall Street Journal, Issue 2.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under News & Journalism, Politics


  1. Francisco says:

    I watched the NBC Nightly News this evening (10–4) and there was no mention of this important event going on around the country. I found it really interesting.

    • Rick says:

      Until the mass arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge last week, there was pretty much a media blackout on this event. Now there’s some coverage, but it’s main goal seems to be to discredit the movement. You best sources for REAL information are websites like this one and networks of friends online (many of whom are there at the rallies daily).

  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the attention given to the Occupied Wall Street Journal, but quick clarification: there’s no General Assembly leadership and no one signs up for anything when they unroll their sleeping bags. They collectively, through consensus, sign off on things. How individual authors of articles want to frame their perception of the occupation is up to them.

    • Doug Ripley says:

      That’s right Daniel the people on the ground in Manhattan don’t want to have a leadership at this point because they are creating a movement that will share common goals and reach out to every ones ideas and passions. Rich creativity from elements of many sources need the freedom to express from deep down to get at the best solutions. Looking at how the framers of the constitution worked they were a collective body of like minded passionate people like us that knew in their hearts what had to be done. They were told by their instincts or some other spirit of the moment what to do. “We can do these things and greater still”

  3. Libertad Perez says:

    I`m really happy to hear you guys from the States have organized all this movement againt the the unfair people in the go verment who doesn`t care about the poor but about the rich ones.. go ahead with your own Revolution and keep on showing the world you can really make a good change for the peace of the planet earth, From Maracay- Venezuela.Libertad Perez

  4. Ron McCune says:

    Everyone please read my web page http://www.mybetteramericaplan.com to see ideas that will save your life, your country and your planet. My solutions to America’s problems are the only solutions that will save America from economic ruin. Also in the Current Events section of my web page is ideas on how to legally shut down Wall Street easily. And on my web page are ideas that will easily end global warming simply by getting rid of turbo jet airplanes which are the main cause of global warming and going back to propeller airplanes.

    • jesse says:

      you lost me when you said your plans are the ONLY solutions.

      • Diana Bauer says:

        Yup; that lost me, too.

        • Mary says:

          Me three.

          • Joe says:

            I try to promote objective thinking, so figured I’d actually give this a read. Mostly seeming to start with a lot of “bombard me with money” was almost enough to dissuade me, but I carried on. While mostly full of conspiracy based environmental ideas. And “How to build” self sustaining energy/heated homes, which we’re all aware this technology exists. Although I will say, global warming or not.. are we hording natural resources and just taking it from other countries, or are we running out and just taking it from other countries? In my eyes it appears we’re doing one or the other. Trudging on I decided to just skim over a bit and find myself reading of armored police officers and squad cars… followed shortly by the statement, “Then when trying to get dangerous suspects out of a building, car or anywhere send in the SKUNKS!!!” This was as far as I pushed myself through. Mostly rabble that seemed to have wasted my time.

    • marztheron says:

      that and advocating the global warming fraud tells me you are non person.

    • Christopher says:

      Just a side note, if you’d like people to take you seriously, try using paragraphs and NOT TYPING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE IT’S REALLY, REALLY OBNOXIOUS.

  5. Rigmor says:

    Would this be a good time to call for a new party, the people’s party, to be formed. With all the Internet,tv,media and radio exposure I think the time is perfect to get the message out

    • James says:

      Certainly not, I think its very important that this does not become a party or associated with any particular person or organisation.

      • Pat says:

        Right on! A ‘movement’ has power and influence. A political party becomes primarily focussed on being elected. It would snuff out the cause, to become a party.

    • anthony says:

      Political parties just need to be eliminated. starting another party will just make it easier for one of the big 2 to come in and swallow it up….imho

  6. southstreet says:

    Thank you for doing this – I was invited to donate at Kickstarter but was reluctant, only because I’m unemployed and watching expenses. But I printed your version and will try to donate now to Jed & Michael Levitan.

  7. ebwally says:

    Hey Daryl, you ARE a part of the protest. Thanks for posting.

    For more of what’s going on in your neighborhood in the future go to http://www.flight18.net


  8. sari says:

    I gave what I could. I am proud to be a part of this movement. In solidarity.

  9. gomi says:

    Nice work on the paper, but can you post a direct link to the PDF so we don’t have to wade through Scribd’s registration process and advertising?

    • Daryl Lang says:

      Hi Gomi. Yeah, I know Scribd is a bad experience. But whoever had access to the original printer file (it wasn’t me, just in case there was any confusion) decided to host it there. I feel better linking to the original rather than setting up a mirror. Sorry.

  10. Phil Sheridan says:

    I suggest adding the following grievances as an amendment to the Declaration of Occupy Wall street, which is an excellent idea:

    The corporate-controlled United States government, redefining the English language, nullifying laws regulating moneyed corporations, and passing unconstitutional laws, ignored the Constitution which they swore to preserve, protect, and defend.

    It ignored Constitution Article I Section 8 giving Congress the right to “coin money and regulate its value” by creating, by law, private financial Federal Reserve corporations, outside public control that create and regulate money, and spent more in one year, 2008, without approval of the people, than the gross national U S debt, and gross annual production, to prevent bank collapses.

    It ignored Constitution 14th Amendment “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, shall not be questioned” holding the United States unconstitutionally in default when debt exceeds a ceiling. The debt ceiling was then used as blackmail by vindictive Congressmen to force retirees to give up pensions and health care to pay bank subsidies, bonuses, bailouts, and 2 illegal foreign occupation wars. Congress created an unconstitutional “supercommittee” of corporate Congressional bootlickers to cut the budget, and create a second Great Economic Depression.

    It ignored Constitution Article II Section 2 Paragraph 2; “He [the President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur” by passing a whole raft of trade treaties that decimated the United States manufacturing industry, creating high unemployment, bankrupting small Mexican farmers, causing an illegal immigration wave and southern border drug war, by a slim Senate majority. Neither NAFTA, CAFTA nor any of the other trade agreements since 1990 have obtained approval of necessary two thirds of Senator present, and by reasonable analysis, are unconstitutional. The Supreme court refused to rule on this, upholding the false, fictional, fake “political” court doctrine.

    It ignored Constitution Article I Section 8, 9th Amendment, and 10th Amendment unconstitutionally requiring all citizens who are not insured to buy health insurance from a private insurance corporation, “denying other [rights] retained by the people,” a “bill of attainder,” and “power, which is not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, reserved to States or to people.”

    False Supreme Court rulings redefined the meaning of “ speech” and “person” destroying laws regulating corporations, preventing them from controlling government, ruling that money is speech, which clearly it is not, and corporations are persons, which clearly they are not, violating “people’s” First Amendment freedom of speech, falsely voiding corporate regulation, nullifying laws restricting corporate campaign contributions, and other harmful activities.

  11. Ib Handreck says:

    im 62 years old swede and im so happy that something finaly happend to shange things around the world . im sharing everything on FB.
    Thanks guys. lets built abetter future for eweryone. please link me on FB
    Ib Handreck

  12. Matt Tsui says:

    I took a 22 minutes walkthrough video and will be posted on youtube “carrion9640” channel. The video may be boring for some, but you will see what I saw over there.
    I am also against “feed the money hogs” and “99% of money flowing to 1% of population”.
    This is unfair.

  13. TZONE says:

    We THE PEOPLE, are on OUR own……


    The economic atmosphere has become very serious in the last 15 months — the BIG GOV spending and new proposed taxation on what they say are millionaire (DC math 250k is NOW a million?) that will affect small businesses will only make the job market worse.

    REMEMBER THIS:===>Rampant repetitive taxation harms a free society.

    A smaller government would cost less and leave more NET pay in our individual paychecks. Leave the money on the home-front, allowing people to have more earned money (NET INCOME), this will provide more opportunity for individual economic resolutions– after all when $ goes to DC the money is gone (quite a bit is lost to waste a proven fact).

    Good things happen when young people have the ability or opportunity to take their earnings and create a foundation for growth

    —–> Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, young people who took little money and good ideas and created jobs and economic opportunity that benefited their own life and many others.


    • Steve says:

      Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were smart ambitious people, right ideas at the right time with the perserference to match.

      Know that Gates and Warren Buffet have worked to reverse the consolidation of wealth at the top–they know unimaginable wealth accomulated at the top1% (including themselves) in unsustainable for a democracy, unethical and undesirable. it isn’t ‘their’ money as you state…it’s their influence that purchased extrodinary loopholes, de-regulation of financial markets, and tax cuts. Look at the trend. Trickle down thinking has the global economy on the verge of collapse–it’s physics…too financial at the top.

    • Mary says:

      Wealty corporations and the American people are equally at fault for the current economic crisis:

      Wealthy corporations have moved jobs to other countries to cut costs and increase profits by using less expensive foreign labor.

      American consumers prefer cheaper products, so companies must find ways to save money to stay in business. The largest cost for most companies is labor – so if it can be shifted off shore it is a very attractive option.

      If you leave the wealthy with more money at the end of the day, they will not create more jobs in the United States. Last year my employer had their best year ever – everyone got bonuses and 10 jobs were sent to India. How many more will follow this year?

      We can all be part of the solution by purchasing American made products. Support your local small businesses – they are the ones creating jobs for Americans. Write to our political leaders and demand increased taxes on imported products – other countries have very high taxes on imported American products. Use the import tax to create jobs rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

      There is no one answer, but each of us needs to take every step in our power to support the companies that keep our friends and neighbors employed. We also need to stop supporting the companies that send our jobs overseas and tax the heck out of them, to make foreign labor less attractive.

      • baubo says:

        I totally agree with what you say here Mary. It is much more fun to shop locally and get to know your local producers. Organic growers are everywhere and we need to support them! Think Local Local Local! Thanks for posting your ideas.

  14. marnie says:

    Yay for all involved, wish there was more I could do from over here,kia kaha, which is Maori for be strong, my thoughts are with you.

    • adrien says:

      Thank you Marnie! Your thoughts will be well received, I’m sure. I too can only lend moral and (a little) financial support. But I feel part of this grand thing. And I hope it succeeds.

  15. roderic zosa says:

    this occupation is what needs to be supported and honored because it addresses and prosecute the institutions that globalizes poverty. this is far far honourable than apple’s ceo.

  16. adrien says:

    I don’t think that this sort of occupation – here or in the Arab nations – is about the overthrow of a government, so much as the overthrow of a system. If we can overthrow a system of plutocracy which has undermined our democracy, well, what can I do but applaud and support that? The occupiers are well aware of their first amendment rights, for instance. Unfortunately, the cops and the powers that be are not aware – or perhaps not sympathetic to the first amendment. The cops seem to be working exclusively in the service of the Wall St gamblers and crooks. We have a good constitution. But it’s been a LONG time since it was invoked in the service and defense of the people. THAT is what must be “overthrown”

    • Tugboatwilly says:

      Maybe the $4.6 Million Chase Manhatten gave the NYPD has something to do with the Gestopo tactics the Commish is using.

  17. kat hutcherson says:

    Where do I go to donate to Occupy Wall Street? You are America’s Heroes!

  18. Thomas says:

    Isn’t there a login free version of this PDF? Scribd requires a login and at the end you have downloaded a broken PDF. It is amazing how difficult it has become over the years, to publish a simple file on the net.

  19. tatsmaki says:

    Facing beginning of spontaneous revolution in USA, what to do
    A demonstrator “Occupy Wall Street” shouted: “A revolution is beginning !”
    Wonderful !! But a problem is in the direction and contents of revolution.
    At the time of G8 leaders’ meeting in London British workers staged a demonstration under a banner “Abolish Money !”.
    They became the avantgarde of libelation movement of earthmen.
    But your spontaneous demonstration “Occupy Wall Street” doesn’t raise both a tactical and strategic targets. A initiative and the leadership by workers’ parties or leading groups don’t be felt.
    In the USA the poor under tyranny by Wall Street and its boss Rockefellers forms 29% of population (311 mill. 800 thou. in 2010), i.e. 90 mill. 420 thou. people. The number of selfmurder became 4 times more in 2009 than 2007 according to a record by the National service on selfmurder prevension, USA.
    You should raise a tactical target for Basic Income to secure all Americans’ life which is called by American young man Piter Jozef, and a strategic target for Abolition of barbarous and tyrannical Money system, for transition to the new society of gratuitous services in all life fields of peoples.

  20. Nat says:

    My LOVE NOT GREED sign made it in the newspaper. I made that when I was on Wall Street 2 weeks ago. Right on!

  21. Scott says:

    Congratulation “OccupyWallSt.org and everyone who is participating, we needed this!
    I have been following Wall Street for a while, but I think for a bigger picture Joan Veon’s videos (all 9 parts) details the banking “Take Over” the best: http://goldmanbanksters.com/our-thinking/. She might sound a little conspiratorial, but I think she did her homework and is Right On.

  22. ThisIsWhatLiberalismLooksLike says:

    A bunch of parasites. Get a job, get a life and get the hell out of your parent’s basement. First, put down the bong. Do you losers know what you are protesting? Most everything I’ve heard from you kooks are complaints about the exact things that President OBummer is causing. But, then, this whole protest has been orchestrated by the Democratic (Socialist) Party hasn’t it. Yeah, we have it figured out. This is about getting your failure of a president re-elected. Pretty obvious.

  23. Vic Jasin says:

    Something to ponder/consider and to pass around to those already involved in the Occupation crews and those still in planning stage. This is something the people can do without the need for outside intervention:

    Set up camps in the occupation crews/mobs with tents for discussion, debate and as command centers for info and press releases. The idea is to make it a “working” occupation. The various tents/camps can be topically organised as Economy, Banking, Health care, Democracy/Politics, Social Benefits, Capitalism or any other set up funnelling organised thought.

    This could turn the occupations into a carnival like atmosphere where people float around to various tents for info and input as they would a trade show or convention. Those tents/organisers use Google Docs as a common shared workspace to produce a Manifesto (proposed changes) and use that to create individual petitions, referendums and formal applications for legislative change put to a referendum not the tradition representational democracy that we have. That way we have direct democracy on key issues that can be identified and proposed by working groups throughout north America. The others can become advisors and mentors for those on site. We have access in as much as access viewing so we can organise authoritative and sound advisory support to be phoned in, online, involved in the workspace.

    The idea is to consolidate the various manifesto’s and various petitions into regional, local and national planning toward required procedural and legislative reform. The direct democracy can make turn around very short (weeks not months).

    This format would bring out the best in everyone, make it a historically significant event and come away proud to know that solutions were proposed and actions are planned and a new support network of advisors can be taken back to everyone’s respective communities and introduced as part of any local initiatives proposed in the “Knowledge Camps”.

    I have the idea to invite Google to help and Apple to help and others who can supply tents and logistics equipment that are NOT part of the “establishment” most despised by the protesters. That is we don’t want corporate sponsors who are part of the problem. I think this can take on a carnival like atmosphere with positive progress that can be tracked daily. I personally feel that a whole host of new ideas and solutions will cascade from the discussions. This can be like the days when the founding fathers sat in tents and came up with the constitution. The same thing can happen again. No need for cops battling protesters. If we set up a group like the above, that would tend to be self policing imo toward non violence and disruption. Both would be self defeating to any action groups.

    Yes there will be conflict from the loud and noisy anarchists but that doesn’t need to be the tone and profile of the entire event. Those noisy anarchists need to be deflected and subdued to make way for constructive debate and progress. In the end the rational logic of those intentions I feel will prevail over any anarchy and disruption. At least we better plan for it (to accommodate the rage and confront crowd and agitators). Those agitators will be there, so it best be part of the logistical planning for security and order and should not need a police force outside of those already in the group/mob (self policing). If we catch the mood SOON and direct it accordingly I feel we will avoid the prospect of growing rage and the growing likelihood for conflict. The lack of media at this time is a good thing as those who are most likely to be caught on camera are the angry rage filled anarchist profile. We can organise and moderate imo. At least we should try and if you have a better idea than the above, it’s time to make that known.

    You are welcome to share this (cut and paste) as needed without attribution.

  24. Vere McCarty says:

    Class warfare, a working definition: If I put my hand in your pocket, that’s business as usual. If you say, “Hey, what are you doing?” that’s class warfare.

  25. madeline says:

    This is useful. Thank you.

  26. DAVID ANDERSON says:

    The Occupied Wall Street Journal has many distracting spelling and grammatical mistakes.
    May I help?

  27. Dennis Dalton says:

    As an enthusiastic supporter of Occupied Wall Street, retired Barnard College professor, avid reader of the N.Y Times(especially Paul Krugman), I am now engaged in the Occupy Portland (Oregon) protest. We are trying to emulate the success of the NYC action and looking to the activists on Wall Street and in other cities for unity and strength to spread this movement throughout the U.S. The best message that I’ve carried in our marches is “Make jobs not war.” As a long time member of the War Resisters League, I believe that we need to connect this Occupy Wall Street protest with increased anti-war activity.Dennis Dalton

  28. Pok Nut says:

    The Best Minds on Wall Street are Criminal…Occupistas of the World, Unite!

  29. a protester says:

    uh, we’ve raised almost $100,000 dollars to print this. why aren’t there more copies of this?

  30. DAWK says:

    as an disabled graphic artist,age 71,many seniors are concerned.terrified..that their social security funds are gone and monthly payments might STOP entirely .
    the ‘looting’ of our hard earned (illegaly replaced with worthless fed paper IOUs) funds have been stolen by various feds and politicians to literaly ‘fund’ illegal bush wars,now obama wars,and tarp-ed funds to bankers.stop these wars!!
    seniors want to -also protest and demand that our stolen money be returned,in FULL!!!!social security if not broke,but it is pillaged and plundered.thieves.liars,took it.
    money could easily be taken back from ‘defense’ funds that go to wasteful billion dollar secret weapons projects.corrupt-pentagon brass are part of the problem,and educational funds should also be extracted from the bloated/corrupt defense funding and returned back to the people.
    so if we seniors can’t be there in person,let signs be made to reflect our disgust with both political parties and the president,for failing miserably to serve tax payers and send the available budget money in the right direction.the money is there,but corruption still refuses to re-direct it to rightful citizens,who paid for it via the jobs they now lost….
    regards DAWK.

  31. DAWK says:

    BTW….. we loVed the NY video coverage of’FOX NEWS LIES’chanting in front of fox,big bucks saleried- stooge/lawyer giraldo revera,to the point of rivera sweating profusely, and then they all needing to timidly exit the staged propaganda attempt. this failed to allow more lies to all the ignorant fox news audiences who are clueless.
    herez another ;chant’ when fox news is present; ‘lier-lier-pants on fire’….remember that,when were kids.
    regards from DAWK

  32. gloriana casey says:

    ” WE’ve Objections to your Exceptions”

    from gloriana casey

    It’s time to redress grievances–for nation tossed and torn!
    This land of liberty, it seems– has like a sheep been shorn!

    For what does make a nation great, if not the People there?
    Captains of Industry, they rose–for workers pulled their share!

    George Washington, did he fight alone–or did the People fight?
    Oh yeah, no CORP an island is—I know we’ve got that right!

    And wars continue on and on–and winning, there’s no proof.
    But what’s to win, republic, dear,–when People get the boot?

    If oil, it was the staff of Life—I’d drink it down, no fear.
    But WATER is the staff of Life—no clean water is here!

    And food, my goodness, should we eat—or will it make us sick?
    Within each chest there beats one heart—so let our tickers TICK!

    Now air, and land, and ocean blue–once served Humanity,
    But corporations foul Earth’s nest– in greediness, you see.

    For jobs and wages disappear—right down that rabbit hole.
    DEMOCRACY? It can’t go on—without a HUMAN soul.

    The homeless walk imploding streets–foreclosures, they rage on.
    And empty homes, in sad despair–the families are gone.

    And banks and Wall St. GAMBLE on–at taxpayers’ expense.
    Whle taxpayers, they SCRAMBLE on,–to find a single cent!

    AMERICA, AMERICA–please shed your grace on ALL!
    A nation strong, it thrives as ONE—or does not thrive at all.***

  33. Jack d r says:

    Americans; let´s get this very clear, we are all into this, over our ears! No mater where you live on this Globe, we are fucked up by the capitalistic system! We have to think and act together against the evil greedy money monster!
    Jack in Madrid, Spain.

  34. Sea Clearly says:

    From Tahrir Square to Wisconsin to Greece to New York to Everywhere — the world has been, and is, watching. Thank you for your inspired activism. You are being smiled upon.

    “Nonviolence does not mean meek submission to the will of the evil doer, but it means the pitting of one’s whole soul against the will of the tyrant. Working under this law of our being, it is possible for a single individual to defy the whole might of an unjust empire to save his honour, his religion, his soul and lay . . . the foundations for that empire’s fall or its regeneration.” Gandhi

    Instead of “a single individual,” we are witnessing millions — in honorable defiance.

  35. Are you guys at OWSJ aware of this?

    GLENN HUROWITZ, [in D.C.] (202) 328-5046, cell: (917) 386-3571, glenn@ciponline.org

    Hurowitz is senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and just wrote the piece “Obama Pushes Huge Free Trade Deals to Wednesday Vote,” which states: “If you thought President Obama’s expressions of sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement meant he was suddenly going to stand up for ‘the 99 percent,’ think again.

    Obama has just submitted to Congress the Chamber of Commerce-backed Colombia, Panama, and Korea Free Trade Agreements.

    And now, thanks to maneuvering by Obama and his business-friendly Chief of Staff William Daley and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, they’re on an accelerated schedule in Congress.

    According to a report in The Hill, they will be voted on Wednesday, where they’re expected to pass. Obama’s move is a brazen display of contempt for the Occupy Wall Street movement’s calls for jobs, economic, and environmental justice as well as human rights.

    These trade agreements achieve a rare trifecta of progressive punching: it’s hard to imagine a single initiative that at one time could so infuriate anti-corporate activists, labor unions, and environmentalists at the very moment that these disparate movements are finally finding solidarity and support in the streets.”


  36. bill mann says:

    Dare I hope? At 78 I believed I would leave this planet to the corruption of wall street, banks and their purchased politicians. I am to old and sick to join you but I am with you in spirit and admiration. Hope is a powerful word, I now have hope for our nation and childrens future. Dont let up, dont weakenand be honest with the believers, god knows we need you and the changes you represent.

  37. David Anderson says:

    After a more careful reading I have changed my opinion. The Occupied WSJ is fine.
    In todays Columbia University Spectator, it was reported that 346 Columbia faculty members have signed a petition supporting Occupy Wall Street.

  38. Terry Frost says:

    I belong to s weekly writing group in a small town (less than 1000) on the Oregon Coast. In early September I started an article that explains the REAL ECONOMIC PROBLEM, unequal income.

    After 11 versions, it is ready for publication. How do I submit my article to you? It is about 3200 words and I have it as a WORD 2010 document or a pdf document.

  39. R.Rucker says:

    As a senior, I am not only worried about my medicare, social security BUT that of our 25 year olds. I want them to have the same as I do now.When money is put into those 401k’s and other numbers, the corporations just steal the money with the “stock crashes”. This theivery went on in the 1920’s. I have a small account in one of the big banks and each month money is “lost” and I do not use the account. The money that has been taken from social security needs to be paid back then there would be no problem with it. I am probably too old to go and march which I did in the 60’s but I can write letters of support to the news media and send a little money . Thanks for the news paper to keep us alert to “what’s going on.”

  40. ngrate says:

    Why don’t you guys go down and occupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac campuses. These are the government authorized cronies who set up the purchase of bundled subprime mortgages that led to the crisis. Yes they were peddled by Wall Street, but Fannie Mae gave them life by underwriting them.

  41. BIGBROTHER says:

    Fighting the companies and then force people to LOGIN TO A COMPANY ACCOUNT to download the mnaifesto! WOW, this reallya shows how strong the brainwash is working!
    There are sites like INDYMEDIA since years WAITING FOR YOU for FREE and WITHOUT LOGIN – hey, they EVEN DO NOT SAVE YOUR IP ADDRESS!

  42. John says:

    There is a ‘3rd’ way for Western society to consider when Capitalism/Socialism fails and that is ‘Distributivism’. Promoted by the likes of G.K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc and other intellectual thinkers of the past, it is well worth looking into. One can start at the Wikipedia description:

  43. The Occupy the Wall Street Movement is a political movement of the majority of American Society whose aim and action is to bring back the freedom and rights of the “We The People” as they elected to form a nation and government for the promotion of common and equality in order to achieve a genuine democracy in this land, that is free from any form of tyranny, abuse of power,rule of the few by which it decries that self evident principle the man are created equal and that the welfare of the people is supreme.

  44. StokeyBob says:

    I remember when the rift was started between American’s when the Beatles came. Up until then everyone thought everyone believed what the television told us we all believed. Then the Beatles came and divided everyone as to whether you liked them or not. It got us all talking. We also started talking about other things and found out we weren’t alone. We found a whole new America that believed the same as we did. The early division about the Beatles ended up bringing many, many people together. Not everyone was on board in the beginning but a movement grew.

    The corruption of our fiat money may be root reason for the, “Occupy er’s” and the “99% er’s”. Maybe this will help make the danger of fiat money clear. Imagine you and me are setting across from each other. We create enough money to represent all of the world’s wealth. Each one of us has one SUPER Dollar in front of him. You own half of everything and so do I. I’m the government though. I get bribed into creating a Central Bank. You’re not doing what I want you to be doing so I print up myself eight more SUPER Dollars to manipulate you with. All of a sudden your SUPER Dollar only represents one tenth of the wealth of the world! That isn’t the only thing though. You need to get busy and get to work because YOU’VE BEEN STIFFED with the bill for the money I PRINTED UP to get YOU TO DO what I WANTED.

    That to me represents what has been happening to the economy, and us, and why so many of our occupations just can’t keep up with the fake money presses.

    P.S. No matter how much real money people can put together to build their countries the way they want, there are those that can print up what ever it takes to dictate their way.



    (Score: Battle Hymn of the Republic)

    In Revolution No. 2, Big Business is The King

    with power absolute through politicians on a string.

    To their Empire, known as Congress, corporate lobbyists all bring

    Campaign donations huge…

    Countless millions get the royal shaft from Industry so big —

    minor wages, zero health care, part-time, temps, the downsize gig,

    layoffs, furloughs — yet, a Congress jumping to the corporate jig.

    The fight for justice dawns…

    Untold millions have NO health care nor a LIVING wage to boot.

    Insolvent grow our working poor while the rich take all the loot.

    When government’s don’t listen, insurrectionists recruit.

    The fight for justice moves…

    March united, risen people as our rebels rose before.

    Let corporate Kings, by peasant sweat, give royal shafts no more.

    OFF our knees, empowered, dauntless, all oppressors hear us roar —

    We’ll Mobilize and WIN!

    Chorus: Glory, glory, Alleluia! Glory, glory, Alleluia!

    Glory, glory, Alleluia! Folks mobilized and WON!.

    Repeat Chorus

    © 1996, Alice Connally Fisk

    e-mail: AFisk10302@aol.com

    Alice Connally Fisk, 11 Pineview Place, Melrose, NY 12121

  46. Joy Leftow says:

    Watch this film which shows how the govt has been planning this for a long time, since the early 60’s. It is free online


  47. Hubert says:

    The “occupation” is the best thing to happen in this and other countries in YEARS,….and it’s about time.

  48. farzad didehvar says:

    Will the Bluecoats come again, against redcoats?
    Yes, when the taxes changed to be tolls and losses,
    when they use their taxes to kill the innocents in abroad,

    “Long live Bluecoats”

    Red coats and Bourbons are in front of you.

    Marchant, marchant,….

    By the way, to preserve the movement we need More works in Art and Theory. Show your roots, remind people how british calls you in that time and how some govemential people call you now.
    A possible idea: Call yoourselves blue coats,
    or preparing some uniforms,…

  49. News Troops says:

    Recently on internet radio show Center Stage the topic was the #Occupy Wall Street, It’s a Movement. This was a very interesting debate over whether this is about the 99% asking the gov’t to change the way it does business or about a group trying to create anarchy with a REVOLUTION for other reasons. The debate became heated when the guest said this movement was started by communist, socialist, unions and marxist. Take a listen, to this must hear podcast.


  50. xyz says:

    Will the Bluecoats come again, against redcoats?
    Yes, when the taxes changed to be tolls and losses,
    when they use their taxes to kill the innocents in abroad,

    “Long live Bluecoats”

    Red coats and Bourbons are in front of you.

    Marchant, marchant,….

    By the way, to preserve the movement we need More works in Art and Theory. Show your roots, remind people how British calls you in that time and how some govemential people call you now.
    A possible idea: Call yourselves blue coats,
    or preparing some uniforms,…
    From 1980: from 1980 we are going to a wrong way, we fall down step by step.
    By some dark knights, remained from cold war.
    A greedy system, which produce war.
    A greedy system plus a backward type of thinking about religion and Armageddon who hide themselves behind specially republicans and continuing their way by all system.
    Watch the economical system, watch the Iraq,
    and watch some in France who tries to copy the same way in Libya. A thesis which like a virus spreads everywhere.
    We should get rid of these type of thinking, before much more crisis
    happen by their hands. But how? Make every where “altahrir”.


  51. Thorbjörn Belenos says:

    It’s time to build a new political system. A system who’s build on democratic principles!

  52. johnny schenone says:

    If you really want to develop some momentum, everyone and I mean everyone, should get some white shoe polish and write into the rear window of their automobiles “99%” . Imagine if you will driving down the roadway being surrounded by all sorts of cars with the same sign. This is a sign of unity and numbers. This also provides folk who are sympathetic to the cause who may not be able to actively participate to demonstrate their support ;e.g., family & jobs commitments, health, etc. The shoe polish comes off easily ; think wedding, “just married”.
    Get it ?

  53. Bruno De Marco says:

    The movement needs a steering committee. I propose Cornell West, Elizabeth Warren and Eliot Spitzer. Ballots should be printed up and handed out at allowing the protesters to vote. Furthermore, OWS adherents should remove their names from Democratic and Republican Party Lists. They should also vow not to vote as long as elections are held in the usual, money first, manner. OWS should evolve into a political movement with headquarters in every city and town in the USA and should organize itself to refresh the power of the referendum. Like, don’t we need a referendum to remove the Department of Justice, and the FBI, away from the political control? whoever

  54. WJAH says:

    This “Occupied Wall Street Journal” represents, freedom of vision. Here’s a few words from my personal journal. 31/01/2011. Titled as “THINKERS”
    The Right are Capitalism Conspirators. Who exploit the naive, the poor, the uneducated, and the down trodden. Or anyone whom they believe powerless.
    The Left, are the Misleading Illiberal Liberals. Laterl Thinkers. Who lavish themselves abundantly.
    The Center, are the Silent Majority. Singular in their distrust of the Left or Right.
    The Independent, are Free Thinkers. Consistent with their constituency. Who consort to be in harmony. With other Free Thinkers.

    One more for today,it’s called INDEED

    Greed, a dessert of no need.
    A flavor they savor.
    To take more from you,
    Than they need.
    It’s the seed of greed.

    Again Editorially Yours, WJAH

  55. Ron McCune says:

    America is in the mist of an economic revolution. However this revolution is deteriorating into nothing. A revolution without results is a wasted revolution. Yet revolution is the only solution or else submission. Make this revolution a success. On my web page http://www.mybetteramericaplan.com in the Current Events section I’ll show the ONLY way to make this revolution a success. On my web page there are legal plans that show how we HAVE TO close down Wall Street, Congress, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Republican Convention in Tampa this summer in order to get those that economically abuse us to pass laws and policies that will insure that we the people aren’t economically abused anymore! Help make this revolution a success by concentrating all of our people and resources on closing down one organization at a time. Don’t spread ourselves out around the country. More ideas on my web page like how we can EASILY stop global warming by not flying turbo jet engine airplanes anymore!

  56. Joe Falkenstein says:

    Keeping warm. With winter weather here,and sleeping in tents,a good source for heat are Coleman lanterns,they can be purchased at sporting goods stores.Buy the propane model.Coleman also sells a white gas version,but the fire laws of NY/City may prevent ou from using the white gas model.Coleman also sells a cooking stove operated on propane.
    Hope this helps.

  57. Joe Falkenstein says:

    Floor mates for tents.
    Use a large heavy duty trash bag.Cut cardboard to fit inside of trashbag use several layers of cardboard. Ducttape the open end of trashbag.you now have a insulated tent floor.

  58. Hello,
    here are some pictures from the anti G20 demonstration yesterday in Nice.
    Members of the national nurses united from US were there !

    Have a loook :http://vudegaribaldi.wordpress.com/

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