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Highway to the danger zone

It’s always exciting when a new Old Spice commercial comes out. That statement alone is testament to the good work by Wieden + Kennedy, which created the celebrated campaign last year featuring the “Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” The latest evolution of the campaign, in the form of a new commercial out this week, has a slightly darker edge. Want to see a guy get hit by a truck? Here you go:

The spot is called “Jungle Wilderness” and it’s for a new product called Danger Zone. Its airing outside the U.S., according to Adweek.

The writing is sharp, and the actor does a great job spitting out phrases like “fear and body odor.” I especially like the part where the character begins reciting the product benefits and is suddenly swept underwater. It finishes with a good laugh: “You smell like you look amazing—/Amazing, I know.”

But what’s with all the violence? Our hero gets bitten by snakes, hit by a truck, attacked by a crocodile, and devoured by piranhas. We just saw stuff like this happen to Dragee, the Mentos guy. Keep an eye out for a third example and we can declare violent slapstick the big advertising trend for 2011.

There was one more thing that struck me about this new Old Spice ad: How fast it moves. To see what I mean, watch the ad above. Then watch “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” the famous spot from last year’s Old Spice campaign with Isaiah Mustafa:

Notice how… much… slower… last year’s ad feels today. And that was also 30-second, rapid-fire, visual-effects ad. Has our attention span really dropped so steeply in the last year?

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Who’s responsible for this ad?

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Director: Tim Godsall
Production Company: Biscuit
(These credits are from Creativity; I’ll add more names, including the copywriter, if I learn them.)

Who signed off on it?

Some genius at Proctor & Gamble

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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