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This campaign is a piece of sheet

I finally saw one of the infamous “Take a Sheet” ads in the real world. Here’s a photo of one on a phone kiosk on 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen:

I take a Sheet right on stage - Pitbull

Ridiculous, right? The campaign is for Sheets, a dissolvable strip that contains vitamins and caffeine. They are taking this pun as far as they can go—their site includes headings such as “Where Do You Take a Sheet?” and “Watch Pitbull Take a Sheet.”

Copyranter previously covered the TV spot that matches this campaign, as well as another poster that says, “I Take a Sheet in the Pool.”

* * * *

This is truly mind-numbing stuff. Adweek called it, “the low point of 2011 advertising so far.”

But maybe shit jokes work? This is a brand new product—it launched in June, founded by Lebron James and several business partners, including Purebrands CEO Warren Struhl. It’s hard to stand out, and Sheets has managed to do that.

* * * *

Who created this ad and who signed off on it?

I can’t find any ad agencies taking credit for it, so I’m guessing this work was done in-house by Purebrands.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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