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Meet Doug, the stunt peanut

I bet you’ll want to forward this to your friend Doug! For a few months, Planters has been running commercials with an animated Mr. Peanut character, voiced by Robert Downey Jr. As food advertising goes, it’s not too bad. Now they’ve introduced a new character for the launch of Planters peanut butter: Doug. Watch Doug’s first commercial below.

(Direct link to the video.)

As cartoon Dougs go, it’s not as good the Nickelodeon cartoon (remember him?), but it’s still an easy commercial to like. Cute enough for kids, who eat peanut butter, and clever enough for adults, who buy the stuff. The slapstick violence actually makes sense, for a change, since the product is actually made by crushing peanuts. The 45-second spot is being promoted on Facebook. Doug is voiced by actor Kevin Dillon. Chris Stephens of ad agency Being is credited as the copywriter.

I’m curious, though, why Mr. Peanut himself doesn’t deliver any lines in this ad. A deliberate creative choice, or was Downy Jr. unavailable?

Who created this ad?

Agency: BEING, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo
Creative Directors: Kris Wixom, Alisa Wixom
Art Director: Jelani Curtis
Copywriter: Chris Stephens
Head of Production: Robert Valdes
Executive Producer: David Fisher
Producer: Howard Howell
Production Company: Laika
Director: Mark Gustafson
(More credits at Adweek.)

Who signed off on it?

Triona Schmelter, Senior Director of Enhancers, Kraft Foods

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