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Perry camp insists victory is “plausible”

Governor Rick Perry’s campaign is now reduced to arguing that victory in the Republican primary is “plausible.” Not likely, mind you. “Plausible.”

Here’s an email blast the campaign sent out this afternoon, signed by Anita Perry. It sums up the state of the race like this:

“Despite what you read from the pundits and pollsters, the scenario for resurgence is quite plausible. Governor Romney continues to be mired in the low twenties in many polls, and in fact did not improve his percentage in Iowa over four years ago by a single point. At the same time, Senator Santorum is just now receiving media scrutiny. While Rick and I admire Rick Santorum greatly, he can’t replicate his performance in Iowa where he camped out for the last year.”

The email ends with a big red “DONATE TODAY” button, but it hardly reads like the kind of message that rallies people to action. It includes no real issues, or what Gov. Perry thinks he can do to help the country. It’s all about strategy.

And in terms of strategy, the facts are these. Perry placed 5th in Iowa with 10% of the votes, is polling at 1% in New Hampshire, and in the single digits in South Carolina.

The most hopeful thing this campaign can say is that victory is “plausible,” and that’s not even true. Will Perry be the next to drop out?

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Politics

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