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New word alert: Squirmish

Sarah Palin has invented another new word. Here she is on Fox News, March 28: “I haven’t heard the president say that we are at war. That’s why I too, am not knowing, do we use the term intervention, do we use war, do we use squirmish, what is it?”(See clip above, minute 7:00.)

Squirmish? It sounds like it could be a word. Let’s check. No! It is not a known word. Until right now.

As Palin used it in context, squirmish means a military action that lacks clear definition.

On The Daily Show Tuesday night, Jon Stewart defined squirmish as “what happens when worms get into a fight.”

Squirmish is at least the second word Palin has invented, following “Refudiate” in 2010.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Language, Words

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