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Status report, month 2

Here’s the second in my series of monthly updates on Breaking Copy. I share my stats because one goal of this blog is to keep up with the evolving world of blogging. I’m happy to report a strong March—and not just because it had 3 more days than February.

Overall stats for www.breakingcopy.com from March 1 to 31:

  • Unique visits: 6,070 (February: 2,979)
  • Google AdSense page views delivered: 9,186 (4,841)
  • Google AdSense page RPM: $1.59 ($1.28)
  • Twitter followers: 79 (67)
  • Facebook followers: 63 (53)
  • RSS subscribers: 76 (63)

Breaking Copy is benefiting from more diverse sources of traffic. As more blogs find me and link to my posts, I’m less dependent on Facebook and Google.

Traffic sources in March:

  • Direct traffic 24.5% (25%)
  • Facebook 18.3% (31.5%)
  • Google organic 15.1% (15.6%)
  • All other referrals 42.1% (27.9%)

Best posts of the month:

In February, I shared a list of posts with more than 100 pageviews. For March there were so many that I’m raising the cutoff for this list to 200 pageviews.


  • There is no correlation between how long it takes to create a post and how popular it will be.
  • An awful lot of this process is a mix of timing and trusting my own ideas. Will I be able to post something at the right time when people want to read about it? It also requires luck. Will Google index it properly?
  • As a reminder, my goal is to consistently draw 10,000 monthly unique visits to Breaking Copy. Right now we’re at 6,000.

And finally:

  • If you like this blog and want to help it succeed, the best thing you can do is visit Breaking Copy on Facebook page and click “Suggest to Friends” in the right-hand column. Send it to everyone you know who enjoys writing. Thanks!

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