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Status report, month 3

April was another record month for Breaking Copy, with a significant increase in search engine traffic, plus helpful links in from two prominent blogs.

What follows is the third in my series of monthly updates about Breaking Copy. I publicize my stats because one goal of this blog is to keep up with the evolving world of blogging, and to share that knowledge with you.

Key performance indicators for www.breakingcopy.com from April 1 to 30:

  • Visits: 6,591 (March: 6,070)
  • Google AdSense page views delivered: 11,193 (March: 9,186)
  • Google AdSense page RPM: $0.42 (March: $1.59)
  • Twitter followers: 105 (March: 79)
  • Facebook followers: 78 (March: 63)
  • RSS subscribers: 84 (March: 76)

Not bad. April was the first month where Google passed Facebook and direct traffic as the top way readers reach Breaking Copy.

Traffic sources in April:

  • Google organic 37.9% (March: 15.1%, February: 15.6%)
  • Direct traffic 18.3% (March: 24.5%, February: 25%)
  • Facebook 13.7% (March: 18.3%, February: 31.5%)
  • All other referrals 27.1% (March: 42.1%, February: 27.9%)

Best-performing posts during the month of April:


  • I try to outdo myself every month, on my way to my ultimate goal of regularly hitting 10,000 monthly visits. Near the end of April it looked like I wasn’t going to beat March. So I wrote a post about social media, and I made it good. Posts about social media always do well. Sure enough, I got a lot of referrals from Twitter and a link in from All Things Digital, causing traffic to rise significantly in late April on the strength of that post.
  • I also got a nice lift from a link from Unbeige, an excellent Mediabistro blog, referencing my post about the fake Home Depot logo.
  • One post I thought would be about average, Bud Light’s imaginary smartphone app, turned out to be the best-performing post in the history of Breaking Copy. It ranks really high in Google (currently averaging 6.3) for the search phrase “Bud Light App,” which for some reason is a very popular phrase.
  • One post I thought would be a sure-fire hit and spawn many more related posts—Marketing acronym cheat sheet—was a bust. It drew only 136 pageviews. The people have spoken.
  • Despite the increase in impressions, my earnings from Google Adsense plunged from $14.61 in March to $4.71 in April. I use Adsense not for the money (which doesn’t even cover the monthly cost of hosting this blog), but for the wealth of data the service provides. Unfortunately, my response rates from this service are still too small for me to draw any significant conclusions about what works and what doesn’t. (Other than, obviously, that what I’m doing so far doesn’t translate into significant ad revenue.)
  • April also saw some nice growth in Facebook fansTwitter followers and RSS subscribers. If you read this blog, following one of those channels is a great way to let me know you’re out there. Thanks for the support!

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Social Media, Technology

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