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Status report, month 4

May was another record month for Breaking Copy, with more that 3 times as many visits as the month of April. The increase was due mainly to Google and Facebook sending a lot of traffic to 2 particular posts, an outcome I couldn’t have planned or predicted. Let’s look at some numbers!

Key performance indicators for www.breakingcopy.com from May 1 to 31:

  • Visits: 23,246 (April: 6,591)
  • Google AdSense page views delivered: 29,212 (April: 11,193)
  • Google AdSense page RPM: $0.70 (April: $0.42)
  • Twitter followers: 114 (April: 105)
  • Facebook followers: 91 (April: 78)
  • RSS subscribers: 105 (April: 84)

Traffic sources in May:

  • Google organic: 44.6% (April: 37.9%, March: 15.1%, February: 15.6%)
  • Direct traffic: 16.1% (April: 18.3%, March: 24.5%, February: 25%)
  • Facebook: 12.2% (April: 13.7%, March: 18.3%, February: 31.5%)
  • All other referrals: 27.1% (April: 27.1%, March: 42.1%, February: 27.9%)

Best-performing posts during the month of May:


  • Nearly half (44%) of Breaking Copy’s pageviews in May were of a single post, the one about the Obama-Osama confusion on TV news. I happened to notice this TV typo on Twitter early in the hours of the Osama bin Laden story, and got a post up pretty fast. Google indexed it right away and search traffic began arriving within an hour. Next, I got a link from MSNBC’s Filed Notes blog. Then a very interesting thing happened. Once I had one hit story, Google began giving greater prominence in its index to many other stories on Breaking Copy. Traffic has been above average all month because of Google search referrals.
  • As William Goldman wrote about the entertainment business, “Nobody knows anything.” I’ve had absolutely no luck predicting what people will like on this blog. (Who knew a throwaway post about a Walmart commercial would be my 2nd most popular post ever?) My strategy is to write one post every workday. If 1 out of 20 posts is a hit, every month will be a good month.
  • That said, posts about funny TV commercials do well.
  • Now that I’ve crossed my goal of 10,000 monthly visits, I’m setting a new goal: To hit 100,000 monthly visits by the end of the 2011.

* * * *

I post metrics about Breaking Copy once a month to help share knowledge about starting a blog. Read all previous Breaking Copy status reports.

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