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Status report, month 6

One mission of Breaking Copy is to share knowledge about blogging, so I start every month with a post about how this blog is performing. Here are some stats at the half-year mark.

July was a record month for Breaking Copy, with 28,424 visits. In July, users of the popular site Reddit shared 2 of my stories to a wide audience, driving several thousand visits in July. Each of the last 3 months, I’ve had 1 or 2 big stories that have driven a large amount of traffic.

Key performance indicators for www.breakingcopy.com from July 1 to 31:

  • Visits: 28,424 (June: 18,600, May: 23,246)
  • Google AdSense page views delivered: 29,592 (June: 24,434, May: 29,212)
  • Google AdSense page RPM: $1.46 (June: $2.04, May: $0.70)
  • Twitter followers: 149 (June: 126, May: 114)
  • Facebook followers: 137 (June: 120, May: 91)
  • RSS subscribers: 102 (June: 118, May: 105)

Traffic sources in June:

  • Google organic: 40.3% (June: 45.3%, May: 44.6%)
  • Direct traffic: 10.9% (June: 20%, May: 16.1%)
  • Facebook: 4.2% (June: 14.4%, May: 12.2%)
  • All other referrals: 44.6% (June: 20.3%, May: 27.1%)

Best-performing posts during the month of July:

Learnings and observations:

  • Reddit is a strange and powerful site. Visitors arrive in huge numbers, spend almost no time on the site, and seldom click on ads.
  • Is Facebook over? Despite July being a solid month in terms of interesting content, visits from Facebook were less than half of where they were tracking in May and June. It’s too soon to tell if this is a quirk or a trend.
  • Google Plus was helpful in driving visits to the one post I wrote about Google Plus. It is not yet a force in any other respect.
  • I’m not sure why I seem to be losing RSS followers when all other metrics are on the rise. (I track the number of followers using Feedburner, a Google service.) Any ideas?
  • I’m predicting a slow August. It’s traditionally a lazy month for media, and I’ll be running pre-programmed posts from August 8 to 12 while I’m on vacation.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Social Media, Technology

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