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Swatch takes over a subway train

It must be fun to work on a branding campaign when you can commandeer the 6 Train. Watchmaker Swatch recently wrapped an entire 10-car subway train with ads.

There’s no copy, just the Swatch logo and some colorful pictures of watches—to be seen by thousands of commuters daily in Manhattan and the Bronx.

Transit wraps are unusual in New York. The Times Square Shuttle—a short train with 2 stops—gets wrapped most often. The only other time I’ve seen a full-length train wrap was a Target campaign last summer.

Who’s responsible for this campaign?

Swatch, under V.P. marketing Roberto Costa. I couldn’t determine if an outside agency was involved.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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  1. M. Spilo says:

    Fantastic! How long will this last? Great idea for revenue. Very well done.

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