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“Amazing” doesn’t begin to describe this

I read once that 98% of everything is boring, 1% is interesting because it’s good, and 1% is interesting because it’s awful. Thank about that as you watch this commercial for the Amazing Swedish Diet. Warning: You’re about to see 60 seconds of gyrating girls in tight outfits lip-syncing to an ABBA-esque pop song about weight control.

It must be working already, because I just lost my appetite!

Seriously, do you think this psychedelic head trip is supposed to be a sincere TV commercial, or an ironic viral video? I’m leaning toward ironic. The writer who penned the Amazing Swedish Diet pop song must have known they were doubling down on camp—they used the word wedgie. The lyrics:

Say ja! To the amazing Swedish diet.
If it can help you lose weight, why not try it?
A system of simple steps that are fun to follow.
With 2 drinks a day that are easy to swallow.
Say ja! To the amazing Swedish diet.
It’s at your local store. So run out and buy it.
Loaded with minerals and electrolytes,
So you can look great in those cute new tights.
With a healthy approach to eating and living.
We’re good for you. You won’t have to wait ’til Thanksgiving.
Eat some yummy things like chicken, fish and veggies.
Eliminate unwanted fat and ugly wedgies.
Exercise 20 minutes every day to get trim.
Run, bike, ski or hike or go for a swim.
Drink plenty of water, that’s important too.
And chart your progress. Ja, ja, good for you!

(Watch the clip here on YouTube.)

Who created this campaign?

Shrink NY, per Adage.
CEO: Jon Shrair

Who signed off on it?

I’m not sure, but responsibility seems to fall on Dennis Bergstrom, CEO of Health to Happiness Inc., which markets the Amazing Swedish Diet (a supplement sold in pharmacies).

Also: CVS, how did you get mixed up in this?

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Lyrics, Television


  1. Leslie Hughes says:

    the best part is the gesticulation whilst singing “easy to swallow.”


  2. Jurimi says:

    “Bloody dreadful” is how I’d describe that…

  3. David S says:

    My brother asked me if I had heard of this yet (I’m getting my DBA in Marketing). This is Mentos meets The Hudson Brothers! I have to go listen to “Seasons in the Sun” to get this out of my head!

  4. bozo_ de_niro says:

    Hey it’s cheaper than watching porn, and I learned how to rap too. I noticed one of them has a slightly wider mouth than the other two, I measured it, and they all look like they know how to give hand jobs … i don’t even know what the product is, but I’m going to watch the hell out of this commercial again.

  5. GT says:

    My 5 year old loves the music & the “smiley face underwear”…can’t complain about it myself! 🙂

  6. mark says:

    Swedish women have long been the gold standard for hotness. Please note that these three aren’t even close and my money says that they’re American to boot!. Niceish but not hot bodies, I concede, but please!

  7. Betsy Blue says:

    I thought this commercil was an SNL joke. Bad music and bimbos.

  8. Phat Tom says:

    Ha ha this is the dumbest coolest commercial I ever seen I woke up out of my keep to see it.I was so stunned I tried to record it to show it to my girlfriend to ask her opinion if she thought it was real or some kind of weird joke!! doing the butterfly Really ? I’m speechless.

  9. karen says:

    what woman would not want to be this thin and fit? Still need to know the magic ingredients.

  10. marriedguy11 says:

    Joke…. I would love to know how how natural the product is, and is it another hydroxy cut scheme that will just get my wife all jacked up and cleaning the apartment all day??

  11. marriedguy11 says:

    I would love to know how how natural the product is, and is it another hydroxy cut scheme that will just get my wife all jacked up and cleaning the apartment all day??

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