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Did Apple give T-Pain an iPhone 5?

Okay, so Apple probably didn’t actually give a drool-worthy, all-glass iPhone prototype to T-Pain to show off in a music video. But something about this looks like a paid placement. See what I mean.

T-Pain has a new song called 5 O’Clock, an infectious melody about staying out late in the club. Rapping on the track is Wiz Khalifa, who drops this lyric:

“Too many thirsty girls up in this club for me to leave here with one of them which is why I call her.

You’ll be right at home waiting for me, iPhone plugged in the wall just waiting for me.”

Whenever you hear someone mention a brand in a song, they’ve probably gotten compensated for it, either with free stuff or with cash money. Apple products show up frequently in movies and TV shows, but I’ve never heard the iPhone mentioned in a song before.

The music video, meanwhile, shows T-Pain and Lily Allen texting each other. Lily has what looks like a white iPhone 4 in a case, while T-Pain has a futuristic clear-glass phone that looks like a fantasy iPhone prototype.

We know T-Pain does endorsements. He has, for example, an endorsement deal with the drink Nuvo. T-Pain mentions Nuvo once in the song, and Nuvo bottles shows up at least twice in the video, including in the same shot as the futuristic iPhone.

Did Apple have nothing whatsoever to do with this placement? And if they had something to do with it, did it involve giving T-Pain permission to conjure up an imaginary, all-glass iPhone to get people excited about some future product? Or is that the next product, and this is Apple’s coy way of setting people’s expectations high, so the reveal moment is that much cooler?

I don’t know. I’m just glad Wiz Khalifa wasn’t contractually obligated to rap about iCloud.

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Here’s where you can get the full track on Amazon:

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Lyrics, Marketing


  1. Tyler says:

    Apple doesn’t pay for product Placement.

  2. chevychick says:

    Nice Iphone. Nice song. Maybe that’ll be the Iphone 6! Who knows. We’ll see when people are camped out nxt yr, in front of the Apple store. This one, may just be worth it, cuz up till now, there’s no iphone, Ipad, Ianythang that would make me sleep outside. But this, if this usa real concept, then HECK YEAH, I must say, I will be among some really happy campers -0

  3. Matt says:

    NO this isn’t an iphone 5, it’s CGI. The technology doesn’t exist yet to make a phone that is clear like that.

  4. briggs says:

    And apple will never comment on these assumptions. They’ll just feed off the rumour

  5. freddy says:

    the technology does exist but some people just dont know that the gov. is 25 years ahead of us in technology

  6. Naz says:

    hell ya this technology exist its called oled

  7. pretty says:

    its real yall he got the money to get a custome made cell phone

  8. Trey says:

    Real or Not, I LIKE!!!!!

  9. koncas says:

    It looks very much like a Microsoft prototype. There exist is a video promoting this a couple months ago. They never said it was in development but only showed that the future holds for MS.

  10. 5*****general says:

    ok ok it looks neat, cool, fly whatever, all I know is I want one! I dont care about T stain, all I want is a clear phone, it doesn’t even have to be an iPhone, in so saying LG have got a clear phone too. The future’s gonna be swee, check out the proper 3d television vivien or valerie thomas, sweet. Teleportation here we come.

  11. jthrash89 says:

    their are crystal phones its called the lg crystal

  12. ayesha says:

    Wen I watch dat vid, I literally wait for da bit showing da fone. It is seriously WICKED!!! iPhone 5 or 6, I don’t care, I want one!!!!

  13. Hudges says:

    I want ths thang already

  14. Matt says:

    wiz talks about iphones in a couple of his songs

  15. Mwinchum says:

    Please tell me did iphone 5 sold.

  16. nosa says:

    this is seriously not helping guys. am stil very confused, is the phone real or not? is it an IPhone? and when is it coming out? if it should. answers people!

  17. teegee says:

    thats the iphone 5 people,was to be released last year bt siri wasnt ‘perfected’ and the date was almost due for release so it had to be tried in the iphone 4s. Remember Tim asked his researchers to produce him an unscratchable glass within a week?,T-pain was to give an idea of how the iphone 5 will look like. The iphone 5 was to cost around $1200+. This is a classified info i came accross from a very classified person within the company.

  18. tasie john says:

    this is an iphone 4s….can’t people see the changed the case

  19. justbongz says:

    that’s not a real phone. Case closed!

  20. chima says:

    wel if dat is truly a fone den il say i phone has done d un thinckable

  21. shashank says:

    Hey nosa this for u.Ya that is a iphone.this is available in america only.bt recent times it will be spread all over the world.

  22. antonio jorge novela says:

    o telemovel e um expetaculo. goxtaria de ter um pr mi.

  23. waskidd says:

    as far as am concern dats a real phone, maybe a prototype or something. the phone is crazy and its driving me GAGA….am out!

  24. Sara says:

    If you see the button, is look like a samsung cellphone

  25. Muizluiz says:

    MAD PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real or not its too lovely

  26. Shun says:

    please i really nthis phone i want to buy it for my wife.so please can you contact me with more photos.shungodon@hotmail.com

  27. ida says:

    they are really trying in the kind of phones they produce nowadays

  28. fuger says:

    i need more latest pix of this transparent phone

  29. fuger says:

    pls send me the website of this transparent phone i want to buy

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