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Topic: Alcohol

“What’s Your Wild Rabbit?”

I was riding my bike recently and saw a billboard with the line, “Few see it. Fewer chase it. What’s Your Wild Rabbit?” My first thought was, “Damn that’s good.”

50 years ago in advertising: Old Crow

From LIFE magazine, October 20, 1961.

Heineken’s new logo (and capitalization!)

Heineken, in addition to producing really cool commercials, has a new, sleek, modern corporate logo. Don’t worry—it’s not going to be on the beer labels yet.

Heineken’s perfect “Date” commercial

I really liked Heineken’s “Perfect Entrance” commercial from earlier this year. Now they’ve made another big-budget, aspirational, classy ad that had a real spirit of fun. It’s called “The Date.”

Budweiser 9/11 ad updates NYC skyline

On Sunday, Budweiser dusted off its famous clydesdale tribute commercial from the 2002 Super Bowl and re-aired it on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The brand made some subtle changes to bring the spot up to date: Removing the snow … Continue reading

“The lighter side of dark” billboard

This Newcastle billboard is wild. During the day, it doesn’t make any sense. At night, a spotlight creates a shadow illusion of someone reaching for a beer. Here’s a video about how it was made:

Rewriting the Budweiser can

Anheuser-Busch InBev is introducing a redesign for the Budweiser can. Here’s the new can, in all its sudsy, domestic glory:

Heineken on how to make an entrance

Sometimes I think I could write an entire blog dedicated to beer advertising alone. Here’s a pretty great spot for Heineken that won a pair of Gold Cannes Lions over the weekend.

Hahn beer’s bitchin’ 80s mini-epic

Imagine a room of ad people making a list of everything that defines the 1980s macho lifestyle: Bodybuilding, big hair, kung-fu movies, the DeLorean, helicopters, drums, cassettes, athletic trophies. Now imagine them cramming all of that into a 60-second spot … Continue reading

Budweiser: Go Yankees! Also: Go Mets!

Look closely at the Budweiser ads in the New York City subway and you’ll see the hardest-working athletes in baseball. The same two guys are fielding for both the Yankees and the Mets!