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Topic: Beverages

“What’s Your Wild Rabbit?”

I was riding my bike recently and saw a billboard with the line, “Few see it. Fewer chase it. What’s Your Wild Rabbit?” My first thought was, “Damn that’s good.”

Dueling beer billboards

Stella is running billboards and transit ads that emphasize the luxury qualities of the beer brand with lines like, “It’s not a glass, it’s a chalice.” Rival beer Newcastle is calling them out on how ridiculous this is.

Lipton Brisk commercial: Episode I

From a galaxy far, far away comes this new commercial for Lipton Brisk starring a clay-animated version of Yoda.

Polar bear Coke can gets recycled

Today’s lesson: Never change anything! For this year’s seasonal holiday can, Coca-Cola introduced a white can featuring polar bears. I thought it looked cool, but it ended up starting a customer rebellion, and now Coke is hurriedly switching to a … Continue reading

Here’s a first: The new white Coke can

When it comes to package design, Coca-Cola seems to do little wrong. Here’s the 2011 holiday can, which features a striking white design with the company’s iconic polar bears.

50 years ago in advertising: Kool Aid

From LIFE magazine, October 27, 1961. Happy Halloween!

50 years ago in advertising: Tang

From LIFE magazine, September 29, 1961.

Local Starbucks offers free coffee on 9/11

A Starbucks in Brooklyn is advertising free coffee on Sunday, 9/11, “a day to come together.” Is this appropriate, or tacky?

Milk board abandons “PMS” campaign

This turned sour fast. Facing brutal ridicule and near-universal criticism, the California Milk Processor Board has pulled the “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign, in which they pitched milk as a way for men to help women deal with PMS. … Continue reading

About those PMS ads for milk…

Update: The milk board has pulled the PMS campaign. Read more. * * * * Maybe you’ve heard about the California Milk Processor Board’s new “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign. It presents milk as a way for men deal … Continue reading