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Geronimo! How not to name a mission

Naming is one of the hardest jobs a copywriter does. It’s made harder by the fact that a lot of people think it’s easy. Truly, it’s tough to pick a name that (a) communicates the right tone and level of … Continue reading

Obama and “spiking the football”

In an interview today, President Obama used a sports metaphor to explain his decision to not release photos that show the body of Osama bin Laden: “We don’t need to spike the football.” In other words, we finished the job … Continue reading

Did Fox News really say “Obama bin Laden dead”?

President Obama announced tonight that terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed in a U.S. operation. Wow! It’s a moment of great relief, like a resolution to a dissonant chord that’s been humming in the background since 2001. Yet after all … Continue reading