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Topic: Books

50 years ago in advertising: Merriam-Webster

From LIFE magazine, November 17, 1961.

A Penn State coach’s bad book title

A minor footnote in the child abuse horrorshow now claiming careers at Penn State: Coach Jerry Sandusky’s book. It was called “Touched.” Yes, really.

Writer Greg Mortenson ripped to shreds on “60 Minutes”

A story on "60 Minutes" tonight punched a number of holes in writer Greg Mortenson's memoir "Three Cups of Tea," a book popular in military circles for richly illustrating how education can help bring peace to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Key parts of the book appear to be fabricated. More troubling, the investigation also found that some of the schools supposedly funded by Mortenson's charity are sitting empty or do not exist. See the "60 Minutes" story here. I might be willing to give Mortenson the benefit of the doubt, but the weirdly defensive responses from his organization, the Montana-based Central Asia Institute, are of little comfort. A letter Mortenson wrote to his supporters is full of convoluted explanations, which seems suspicious. Keep an eye on this story.