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Two Super Bowl ads killed by the clock

Advertisers often create both long and short versions of the same commercial. There are sensible reasons for this. Unfortunately problems happen when you try to cram a big, 1-minute concept into half the time. Here are two 2013 Super Bowl … Continue reading

The invisible Mercedes

German ad agency Jung von Matt and Mercedes-Benz have rigged up an invisible car. Neat stuff. Watch this:

SNL spoofs “Halftime In America” ad

This weekend, Saturday Night Live ran a spoof of Chrysler’s “Halftime In America” ad, which I and many others thought was the best ad of this year’s Super Bowl. It’s pretty funny.

The best ad of Super Bowl XLVI

My favorite commercial from the 2012 Super Bowl was this spot for Chrysler, by Wieden & Kennedy and starring Clint Eastwood. Here it is if you missed it:

The Cars.com head is growing on me

When I first saw the Cars.com Super Bowl ad featuring the singing head, I was weirded out. But after I watched it a few times, I started to get attached to it. See what you think:

Super Bowl ad preview: Pop overload

Imagine an alien from another planet—such as Europe—landing in America and trying to make sense of what we call Super Bowl commercials.

“The Bark Side”

Last year, Deutsch LA and Volkswagen won the Super Bowl (in terms of commercials) with “The Force,” one of the cutest and funniest ads of the year. Looks like they’re trying to do it again in 2012.

It’s the year of awkward Santas

Santa Claus stars in many commercials this season, but this isn’t the jolly old elf of yore. The 2011 model Santa has defects. We see him stumbling, awkward, even in pain.

New Volkswagen Beetle is “a boy.” Huh?

The new campaign for the Volkswagen Beetle declares “It’s a boy.” That tagline has appeared on billboards and, more recently, in print ads. What’s the heck does it mean?

Gorgeous “brain” ads for Mercedes

Have you ever seen an explanation of how we think that’s as beautiful as these Mercedes print ads?