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Topic: Controversy

Park Service to fix MLK quote

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has ordered the National Park Service to correct a botched quote etched in stone at the new Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial.

The NYPD’s Facebook lesson

You might think, after reading William Glaberson’s story in today’s New York Times, that the NYPD is overrun with racist cops. The police department is in damage control mode after some officers published cruel, unprofessional remarks on Facebook about a … Continue reading

We interrupt OWS for these messages

Occupy Wall Street has inspired two controversial TV commercials, one in support of the protest and one against it. Watch both commercials here:

GM pulls anti-bike ads

After an outcry from bicycling advocates, General Motors has pulled an ad aimed at college students that said, “Stop pedaling… start driving.”

Milk board abandons “PMS” campaign

This turned sour fast. Facing brutal ridicule and near-universal criticism, the California Milk Processor Board has pulled the “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign, in which they pitched milk as a way for men to help women deal with PMS. … Continue reading

Rick Santorum vs. Dan Savage: It’s on

Imagine a bully is tormenting you endlessly, and you know the right reaction is to ignore him. How long can you stand it? Years?

About those PMS ads for milk…

Update: The milk board has pulled the PMS campaign. Read more. * * * * Maybe you’ve heard about the California Milk Processor Board’s new “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign. It presents milk as a way for men deal … Continue reading

Camel Snus vs. the NYC smoking ban

Here’s an unusual current-events-oriented print ad. On this crisp spring morning that marks the first day of the smoking ban in New York City parks, a newspaper ad for Camel Snus declares, “Reclaim the world’s greatest city.” The point of … Continue reading

Poor judgment

Noticed any weird outdoor advertising lately? This photo shows a billboard currently looming over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, announcing JUDGEMENT DAY coming May 21, 2011. Here’s the story behind these signs.

Geronimo! How not to name a mission

Naming is one of the hardest jobs a copywriter does. It’s made harder by the fact that a lot of people think it’s easy. Truly, it’s tough to pick a name that (a) communicates the right tone and level of … Continue reading