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Topic: Design

Yahoo’s new logo and weekend work

Plenty of opinions have been written about the new Yahoo! logo. Personally, I think the most interesting thing about it is something Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo! CEO, wrote on her blog.

JCPenney redesigns logo—again

What does it say about a brand if it redesigns its logo twice in a year? They’re nimble? Or they don’t know who or what they are? In the case of JCPenney, unfortunately, I think it’s the latter.

Polar bear Coke can gets recycled

Today’s lesson: Never change anything! For this year’s seasonal holiday can, Coca-Cola introduced a white can featuring polar bears. I thought it looked cool, but it ended up starting a customer rebellion, and now Coke is hurriedly switching to a … Continue reading

The poster art of Occupy Wall Street

Consider how many creative people stand in support of Occupy Wall Street, and it’s no wonder this movement is generating some incredible art. Here are 10 Occupy Wall Street poster designs I think are super cool, followed by some personal … Continue reading

Here’s a first: The new white Coke can

When it comes to package design, Coca-Cola seems to do little wrong. Here’s the 2011 holiday can, which features a striking white design with the company’s iconic polar bears.

New JCPenney logo designed by student

UPDATE: See the new JCPenney logo introduced January 2012. If you watched the Oscars, you might have noticed a new logo in the commercials for JCPenney. But you probably didn’t—it looks darn similar the old logo.