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Topic: Email

Obama’s gay marriage email pitch

After President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, his reelection campaign sent out two fund-raising emails — with two totally different copywriting strategies. Take a look at the messages below.

Obama 2012: Donate to spite your dad

I subscribe to the major presidential candidates’ email lists, so I can watch their strategies for winning minds and raising cash. Here’s one of the odder emails I’ve gotten lately. It’s a solicitation from the Obama campaign.

Obama’s irresistible email subject lines

“If I don’t call you.” “Something lovely.” “Frustrated.” “Big things.” All of these are recent subject lines from emails sent by the Obama reelection campaign.

Ad war: Gmail vs. Microsoft Office 365

I don’t have the capacity to care what email service you use. It’s basic stuff. As long as you can write and send a coherent message, the technology you use to get it done doesn’t matter. To the marketers at … Continue reading

News orgs seek help with Palin emails

Later today, a document dump will make public 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin’s brief tenure as Alaska governor. That’s a lot of material to read. Several news organizations are asking readers to help them “research” these emails (which basically means: … Continue reading