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Google Glasses. What could go wrong?

Here’s something visionary. Google has revealed that its engineers are developing a wearable computer: A mobile device built into eyeglasses. Bravo to Google for being ambitious. Will this possibly be good?

Santorum’s “Google Problem” solved

For years, the first result in Google for “Santorum” was a prank site that reads, “The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.” This week, Google finally deemed presidential candidate Rick Santorum … Continue reading

Status conscious? Check out this social media flowchart.

Clever thoughts bubble up constantly, but what’s the right venue for all of them? Now you can consult this handy graphic to help make those hard choices among Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Dilemma solved!

Ad war: Gmail vs. Microsoft Office 365

I don’t have the capacity to care what email service you use. It’s basic stuff. As long as you can write and send a coherent message, the technology you use to get it done doesn’t matter. To the marketers at … Continue reading

Shock: Google+ users are 88% male

Hey ladies! I’m throwing a party, and guess who’s on the guest list? Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. Larry, Sergey and Vic Gundotra from Google. And of course, Robert Scoble. So you’re coming, right? Right? … Right?

Dear social media developers

Some unsolicited advice to the good people of Google, Facebook, etc.

Google’s best tools for online creators

Google has some great tools to bring out your secret etymologist. Over at The Hired Guns blog, I have a new post listing my favorite ways Google can illuminate how people use language. Check it out: Google’s Eight Best Tools for Online Creators.

5 lessons from the Facebook P.R. debacle

It’s a cloak-and-dagger tech story. Recently Facebook hired Burson-Marsteller, a public relations company, to anonymously plant stories in the press critical of Google’s use of social network data. It didn’t take long for tech blogs to start wondering who was behind … Continue reading

Hulu takes it back to 1996

My favorite April Fools’ Day gag so far today comes from Hulu, which re-skinned their home page with TV programming from 1996, complete with an old-school 1996 design. “Murder One,” anybody?

Phrase of the moment: “Article vomit”

I saw an intriguing headline in the Wall Street Journal yesterday: “Demoted Site Cites ‘Article Vomit’ As the Reason for Its Relegation.” Ooh, yum! What on earth is article vomit?