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Topic: Health

Cancer, money and branding

If you work for the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s marketing team, I would love to buy you a coffee and hear the real story of what went on there last week.

This campaign is a piece of sheet

I finally saw one of the infamous “Take a Sheet” ads in the real world. Here’s a photo of one on a phone kiosk on 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen:

New word alert: Cocooning

The latest workout fad is something called AntiGravity Yoga. There have been a slew of news articles about it this year. Now, thanks to a piece on ABC’s Good Morning America yesterday, this workout has a catchy nickname: Cocooning.

“Amazing” doesn’t begin to describe this

I read once that 98% of everything is boring, 1% is interesting because it’s good, and 1% is interesting because it’s awful. Thank about that as you watch this commercial for the Amazing Swedish Diet. Warning: You’re about to see … Continue reading