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Why Twitter will survive: Television

This summer marked an important pop culture anniversary: It’s been 10 years since the first season of “American Idol.” A decade later, we can see that season wasn’t just a landmark for television. It was also an omen predicting the … Continue reading

Romney campaign caught plagiarizing Obama’s copy

Is the Romney campaign so inept at copywriting that they’re forced to steal words from Obama? Mitt Romney’s campaign was forced to change 3 blocks of copy on its donations website after sharp-eyed readers spotted word-for-word similarities with the Obama … Continue reading

Obama’s gay marriage email pitch

After President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, his reelection campaign sent out two fund-raising emails — with two totally different copywriting strategies. Take a look at the messages below.

Obama’s “socialist” new slogan

“Forward.” Recently, Barack Obama began using that single word as a campaign slogan. Now his opponents are using it to brand him as a socialist. Behold the power of a word!

Branding the next president

The Obama 2012 campaign doesn’t have an official slogan yet, but one possible contender is getting some attention: “Change Is.”

Obama 2012: Donate to spite your dad

I subscribe to the major presidential candidates’ email lists, so I can watch their strategies for winning minds and raising cash. Here’s one of the odder emails I’ve gotten lately. It’s a solicitation from the Obama campaign.

Obama’s irresistible email subject lines

“If I don’t call you.” “Something lovely.” “Frustrated.” “Big things.” All of these are recent subject lines from emails sent by the Obama reelection campaign.

The “Buffett Rule”

Can you make a tax increase more popular just by giving it a good name? Today President Obama plans to propose a series of steps to reduce the deficit. One of Obama’s proposals is being called the “Buffett Rule.”

Fox News Twitter account hacked

It must a terrible 4th of July for the FoxNews.com social media staff. This morning, hackers seized the Fox News political Twitter feed and sent out a string of false tweets claiming President Obama had been assassinated.

Obama and “spiking the football”

In an interview today, President Obama used a sports metaphor to explain his decision to not release photos that show the body of Osama bin Laden: “We don’t need to spike the football.” In other words, we finished the job … Continue reading