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Topic: OOH

This campaign is a piece of sheet

I finally saw one of the infamous “Take a Sheet” ads in the real world. Here’s a photo of one on a phone kiosk on 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen:

“Digital OOH moment of silence”

Tomorrow between 8:46 and 10:03 in the morning, Clear Channel will flip all of its digital billboards to a 9/11 memorial graphic.

“The lighter side of dark” billboard

This Newcastle billboard is wild. During the day, it doesn’t make any sense. At night, a spotlight creates a shadow illusion of someone reaching for a beer. Here’s a video about how it was made:

Budweiser: Go Yankees! Also: Go Mets!

Look closely at the Budweiser ads in the New York City subway and you’ll see the hardest-working athletes in baseball. The same two guys are fielding for both the Yankees and the Mets!

Poor judgment

Noticed any weird outdoor advertising lately? This photo shows a billboard currently looming over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, announcing JUDGEMENT DAY coming May 21, 2011. Here’s the story behind these signs.

Swatch takes over a subway train

It must be fun to work on a branding campaign when you can commandeer the 6 Train. Watchmaker Swatch recently wrapped an entire 10-car subway train with ads.

One truly awful Family Guy subway ad

Family Guy is famous for bad jokes, and that’s all fine, but this transit poster spotted in the New York subway struck me as worse than bad. That’s Peter Griffin dressed in red heels and a bikini, under the headline … Continue reading

Jetblue loves QR codes

I’m unconvinced most people care enough about two-dimensional bar codes in ads to scan them. But advertisers are running more of these codes anyway. Here’s an over-the-top example. What do you think of this travel poster?