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Topic: PSAs

Coke turns an attack into a benefit

I live in a city with an aggressively pro-health mayor. Bloomberg and the NYC health department are currently waging a war of advertizing with soft drink companies.

The best PSA of all time?

In just three weeks online, an Australian viral video about train safety has earned over 30 million YouTube views, making it an instant classic public service announcement.

The smoking phone

I saw this anti-drug PSA in the newspaper today and did a double-take. Then I thought, “Hey, clever!” This ad is a few years old, but it was new to me.

Shatner and State Farm start a turkey fire

Here’s the thing about William Shatner. Give him any material you can come up with and he kills it every time. Here he is acting out a melodramatic safety spot about Thanksgiving turkey frying safety for State Farm insurance.

Brains! CDC PSA is a zombie comic

Comic books are an excellent way to tell a story, and zombies are the hottest horror creatures of the moment. Can a comic book about zombies spice up a dull public service announcement from the Centers for Disease Control?

How to make a 9/11 ad

It seems weird that the National September 11 Memorial & Museum is begging for money. But at least they’re doing it in a reasonably tasteful way.