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Topic: Restaurants

Sandwich shop in disguise

I like the tone and writing of Potbelly, a sandwich shop that’s expanding in New York City. Here’s one of their signs: “Look! A sandwich shop disguised as a construction site.”

Chicken: Now more disgusting!

Chicken can be really excellent. But I’ve noticed a few fast-food chains that seem intent on making it less appealing than ever. Here’s three of the worst chicken-related marketing pieces I’ve seen lately.

Local Starbucks offers free coffee on 9/11

A Starbucks in Brooklyn is advertising free coffee on Sunday, 9/11, “a day to come together.” Is this appropriate, or tacky?

Chipotle: Food for pigs

This week, Chipotle released what may be the best-looking and best-sounding commercial of 2011 so far. Produced for cinema, it’s 2 minutes and 20 seconds of lush, ambitious animation and music.

The best ad featuring The King

Burger King has stopped airing ads featuring its grinning, plastic mascot “The King.” Here’s my favorite spot from the past few years starring the weird character.