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Topic: Retail

Crate & Barrel’s cool ampersand ads

Crate and Barrel used to be one of those stores that I basically ignored. After all, a single dude can get everything he needs at Target, if not second-hand. Then you blink and suddenly you’re shopping for area rugs and … Continue reading

Billboard: “Groceries fresh from Target”

Regular readers of Breaking Copy know I’m a fan of Target’s advertising. I saw this billboard in Brooklyn the other day and thought it was pretty clever:

Parkour and French music in Target ad

I love everything about Target’s new “Color Changes Everything” TV commercial. It’s freaky, it’s unconventional, it’s French, it tells a story without words, and despite all this, it’s decidedly mainstream and mass-market.

JCPenney redesigns logo—again

What does it say about a brand if it redesigns its logo twice in a year? They’re nimble? Or they don’t know who or what they are? In the case of JCPenney, unfortunately, I think it’s the latter.

Meant to be together

Happy New Year from Breaking Copy!

And now, a yodeling cat

It’s the holidays, and the best I’ve got for you today is a yodeling cat. Take it away, yodeling cat:

It’s the year of awkward Santas

Santa Claus stars in many commercials this season, but this isn’t the jolly old elf of yore. The 2011 model Santa has defects. We see him stumbling, awkward, even in pain.

This year’s shrillest Black Friday ad

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, when the media becomes saturated with ads for retail stores offering Black Friday sales. Most of these ads are pretty bad, and inevitably include the made-up word “doorbusters.”

Remembering 9/11 at Ann Taylor Loft

Just in case you were wondering, the Ann Taylor Loft clothing store remembers the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Sing along with Target’s music teacher

Back-to-school ads can be pretty shallow, but Target hid a little kernel of truth in this new 30-second spot, which features a music teacher character singing his heart out about denim. Denim!! Watch: