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Topic: Rick Perry

Perry camp insists victory is “plausible”

Governor Rick Perry’s campaign is now reduced to arguing that victory in the Republican primary is “plausible.” Not likely, mind you. “Plausible.”

See Rick Perry call gay soldiers “wrong”

Today Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign sent out a brief email blast with the subject line, “I’ll end Obama’s war on religion.” In the email was a link to this video, labeled “Spend a moment watching the ad everyone will be … Continue reading

Rick Perry reminds us he’s a bad debater

Rick Perry’s campaign is out today with an extraordinarily risky television ad. Take a look:

The “oops” moment

A new phrase is surging in political coverage this month: The “oops” moment. Thank Texas Gov. Rick Perry for giving us the defining example.

The Galileo candidate

During the Republican presidential debate tonight, Texas Gov. Rick Perry stumbled when trying to answer a question about his views on science. He tried making a reference to Galileo in defense of his own off-beat brand of climate science—a reference … Continue reading

The “inconsequential” candidate

It was an interesting weekend in the contest to become the Republican nominee for president. Let’s take a look at Gov. Rick Perry’s announcement speech. Should this guy even be in the race?