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Topic: Sexism

Downy treats men like pieces of meat

Enter the world of Downy commercials, where only women buy fabric softener, and men are nothing more than empty-headed t-shirt models. Can you touch them? Sure.

Milk board abandons “PMS” campaign

This turned sour fast. Facing brutal ridicule and near-universal criticism, the California Milk Processor Board has pulled the “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign, in which they pitched milk as a way for men to help women deal with PMS. … Continue reading

About those PMS ads for milk…

Update: The milk board has pulled the PMS campaign. Read more. * * * * Maybe you’ve heard about the California Milk Processor Board’s new “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign. It presents milk as a way for men deal … Continue reading

New word alert: Mansplaining

To mansplain is for a man to tell a woman something she already knows, with a condescending undercurrent of sexism. It’s based on the verb to explain and is conjugated the same way. As far as I can tell, the … Continue reading

Nissan copywriter didn’t mean to be sexist (follow-up)

Here’s a follow-up to a recent post about sexist commercials on Pandora. The copywriter of the controversial Nissan ad explains how the script came together, and says she didn’t mean to be sexist.

The sexist commercials of Pandora radio

I listen to Pandora Internet radio often, and it’s clear Pandora knows a few things about me. It knows where I live, how old I am, and above all, it knows I’m a dude. Between songs, I hear commercials for … Continue reading