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Topic: Sports

Two Super Bowl ads killed by the clock

Advertisers often create both long and short versions of the same commercial. There are sensible reasons for this. Unfortunately problems happen when you try to cram a big, 1-minute concept into half the time. Here are two 2013 Super Bowl … Continue reading

Today: Tweeting the Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl with a second screen today? Follow @BreakingCopy on Twitter for live commentary on the commercials!

Wishing runners “a strong tailwind.”

Sometimes advertisers are asked to submit special ads for event programs, such as award shows, sports events, or conferences. The challenge is to take an existing brand and apply it to an extremely specific situation. I’ve had to write ads … Continue reading

How to infuriate your boss, and the IOC

On Friday, Young & Rubicam headquarters apologized for a controversial spot by its Buenos Aires office. “We are deeply regretful for the pain this ad has caused,” the agency said. What could have been so painful?

A few good reads

From various sites around the web, here are some worthwhile articles for copywriters.

New word alert: Linsanity

Linsanity: (n.) The state of excitement surrounding basketball phenom Jeremy Lin — a point guard for the New York Knicks, the NBA’s first Chinese-American player, and a gift to sports headline writers everywhere.

Nike’s manic, dizzying “Counts” ad

Think you’re a movie, TV and music geek? See how many of the clips can you identify in this new, mashed-up Nike commercial.

A Penn State coach’s bad book title

A minor footnote in the child abuse horrorshow now claiming careers at Penn State: Coach Jerry Sandusky’s book. It was called “Touched.” Yes, really.

One gutsy front page

From the heart of Nittany Lion country, here’s the front page of today’s Harrisburg Patriot-News. It’s a full-page editorial calling for the president of Penn State to resign and the university to decline to renew Joe Paterno’s contract.

Verizon’s hip song choice for an NFL ad

Verizon is currently running a commercial promoting the NFL Mobile service. The visuals are bold and simple—everyday people catch footballs falling out of the sky. A narrator says, “Football’s back” and briefly describes the product. But what makes this commercial … Continue reading