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Topic: Transportation

The best PSA of all time?

In just three weeks online, an Australian viral video about train safety has earned over 30 million YouTube views, making it an instant classic public service announcement.

Map-inspired Phoenix Metro ads

I’m a fan of public transit maps, so I love seeing an ad campaign borrow the style of a rail map in a creative way. These three ads are for the Phoenix Metro Light Rail, with the slogan, “Your life … Continue reading

The subway can’t spell Bleecker

Here in New York, the MTA is running a transit poster touting a new subway connection at “Bleeker Street.”

My favorite sign in New York City

It’s in a dismal location. It breaks all sorts of rules of good design. But this sign—it just works. Check it out. This is what you see when you exit the subway at 42nd Street and walk into the Port … Continue reading