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10 observations on the new American Airlines logo

1. Fresh paint won’t fix American Airlines.

Wishing runners “a strong tailwind.”

Sometimes advertisers are asked to submit special ads for event programs, such as award shows, sports events, or conferences. The challenge is to take an existing brand and apply it to an extremely specific situation. I’ve had to write ads … Continue reading

America, the ad

Here’s a commercial you won’t see in the United States. It’s the first part of a travel campaign for Brand USA, a.k.a. the Corporation for Travel Promotion, a quasi-public agency Congress created in 2010 to promote U.S. tourism. Wait, America … Continue reading

The Negotiator is dead (or is he?)

Well, this is dark! William Shatner’s “Priceline Negotiator” character dies in a horrific bus accident in this new commercial for Priceline.com. Here it is:

Targeting gone wrong: The sinking ship

Anybody want to go on a discounted cruise? Anybody?

What really happens on airplanes

Congratulations to JWT Shanghai, which just won a Cannes Lions Grand Prix for this totally sick double-page magazine ad for Samsonite.

“Try and keep up”

This new TV commercial for Kayak.com is a fine piece of copywriting. The ad contains a quick summary of the site’s benefits, as well a dark and funny joke about corporate management. The ad starts slow in an office, but … Continue reading

Jetblue loves QR codes

I’m unconvinced most people care enough about two-dimensional bar codes in ads to scan them. But advertisers are running more of these codes anyway. Here’s an over-the-top example. What do you think of this travel poster?