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Topic: TV

Crate & Barrel’s cool ampersand ads

Crate and Barrel used to be one of those stores that I basically ignored. After all, a single dude can get everything he needs at Target, if not second-hand. Then you blink and suddenly you’re shopping for area rugs and … Continue reading

Geeky new GE ad stars famous robots

Robots never die. Here’s a new TV spot for GE featuring a parade of famous pop culture robots, lovingly reactivated from film studio storage, or wherever they’ve been all this time. Is it a good commercial? Affirmative!

Why Twitter will survive: Television

This summer marked an important pop culture anniversary: It’s been 10 years since the first season of “American Idol.” A decade later, we can see that season wasn’t just a landmark for television. It was also an omen predicting the … Continue reading

Kia is NOT sorry for party rocking

These Kia Soul hamsters are definitely a thing. But what are they? Gangstas? Frat boys? Shameless Alvin & The Chipmunks knockoffs? These are the questions of our time.